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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

I’ve already told you about my favorite Christmas children’s books, but I suppose I should tell you now about our favorite Christmas movies.  One of families’ MOST favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.  Our Eli (who’s 10 now) has most of it memorized.  ”I want an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle”.   And, as if on que, I’ll say, “but, You’ll shoot your eye out!”

My husband has multiple air rifles and poor little Eli has wanted a BB gun for years!  I keep procrastinating, because, even the box says that you should be 10 years old.

So…I suppose this is Eli’s LUCKY year!

He’s such a responsible young man, and has even earned his Rifle Shooting Safety Badge in scouts.  I mean…how can you possibly refuse a kid like this??

I do think that before you purchase a bb gun for your kiddo, you should really talk to them about gun safety.

  • Identify all the parts of the gun and how it functions.
  • How to load the ammunition.
  • How to shoot a target (and WHAT they are NOT allowed to shoot!)
  • If you’re going to require your kiddo to wear safety goggles.
  • Where to store the gun and ammunition.
  • When and where are appropriate places to take the gun.
  • and even MORE gun safety rules can be found on Daisy’s Website.

If you’ve done all that…then I suppose it’s time to swallow hard, your kid is growing up!  Time to take a trip to Cabela’s and find that Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun!

As I am a SHOPPING professional, it didn’t take us long to locate the guns and pick out our favorite one (did you know they had PINK ones)?  You can see all our antics at Cabela’s by clicking HERE.

With safety goggles, BBs, and the gun…the only thing left to do is wrap this thing before Eli gets home from school.

First…I would like to tell you that this gun is HUGE!  It was almost too long for my wrapping paper.  Second, I can’t leave it under the tree…because it WILL NOT fit and he’ll know EXACTLY what it is!  SO, I’m hiding it in my closest until Christmas morning.

He’s going to PEE in his pants!

And that…makes this mama happy!

This is the PERFECT gift because:

  • MOST kids want one (for SURE after they’ve seen The Christmas Story)
  • It’s an affordable gift that won’t break the bank (about $30ish on up)
  • It’s a great family outdoor activity (for boys, girls, moms, and dads)
  • Creating fun targets to shoot will keep everyone involved
  • It helps teach responsibility
  • and…watching the smile on their face is priceless!

So, tell me…did YOU have a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun when you were younger??  What can you remember about it??

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