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Ok…Not literally.  The school counselor didn’t actually put her hand across my face, but she did send a jolt through me and ROCKED MY WORLD!

Let’s just start from the beginning.

This is Isaac.

special needs

He’s our 6 year old special needs son.  Isaac can walk, but not run.  He can’t talk, feed himself, or use the toilet yet.  And…I’m ok with that.  He’s the apple of our eye!  He was born with a complex heart defect and other medical problems that have set him back quite a lot.

For the past two years, Isaac has attended a school for the disabled.  It’s been such a wonderful experience..but, we felt like it was time to transition him to a regular school so that he could start interacting with more atypical kids.

special needs

So…I put on my big girl pants this year…and put my special peanut in a real regular school.  (like where he actually carries his own lunchbox real school!)

About our second week of school, I was walking in the hall and got stopped by the school counselor.

(this is when the assault took place)

She asked me if it was ok to let Isaac come into the mainstream first grade class sometimes to meet the other kids.  I smiled, and told her that I wasn’t “that kind of parent”.  I knew that my son was special and a little different and needed to be in the class that he was in…and I was OK with that.” (I know THOSE parents, the ones that put up such a stink…and I have always refused to be one of them.)

I didn’t want them to feel pressured to MAKE him sit with regular kids, when he isn’t.  (it would be normal for Isaac to try to sit on someone’s lap, hug them, cry, eat their books)…that sort of thing. (I know that he can be quit a disruptive little guy…and I would hate to detract from the learning of the other kids.)

Then, the counselor said, “I just want to bring him around the mainstream kids to introduce them to Isaac.  To tell them a little bit about what makes him different….so they’re not scared to talk to him.  He needs friends…and these are his schoolmates…and his future friends.”


It wasn’t until I got in the car and placed both hands on the steering wheel…when the flood gates holding back the Hoover Dam of tears just started pouring out of me.


My son could have friends.

My son could have friends.


special needs

I’ve actually never thought about that.  And why would I??  He spends 24 hours a day with me, my husband, or our other boys.  We’re his best friends.  I never thought that he’d need anyone else.

I can’t believe how blind I was and how naive I was.

Of course he needs friends (and not just the kids of my friends).  He needs to cultivate his own friendships.   He needs to allow other kids to WANT to talk to him, interact with him, help him, and ask questions about him.

I have never felt like such a bad parent in all my life.

I am so thankful for Ms. C and the foresight she had for my son.  I am optimistic about his upcoming school year and the opportunities that it will bring.

My son IS GOING TO have friends.

(oh…it just makes me smile from ear to ear just thinking about it.)

Thank you Ms. C!

I can only hope that every special needs kiddo has a Ms. C in their corner!