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If you have an “E-Reader” on  your holiday shopping list this season, have you decided which one to get?  Do you even KNOW what an E-Reader is and how it works?  Before you drop some BIG bucks on one, let’s  talk about a few of the top readers on the market.


KINDLE–The Kindle hit the stage in 2007, making it SUPER easy to download your favorite book with just the touch of a button.  You can still purchase the basic versions of Kindle for only $79.00.

  • Kindle Basic model–$79.00.  It has a 6″ screen, most advanced E ink display (makes it read like paper), built in wi-fi (you can get your books in less than 60 seconds), over 800,000 titles available for you to buy for $9.99 or less, you can borrow Kindle books from your public library.
  • Kindle fire–The HOTTEST new reader from Kindle.  This baby is $199.  You’ll have access to millions of movies, tv shows, songs, magazines, stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and more.  Free cloud storage from Amazon.  Built in wi-fi and web.  This reader has a touch screen with extra-wide viewing angle (like the ipad), dual core processor, and…it’s in COLOR!
NOOK–This is Barnes and Noble’s e-reader. This reader also makes it easy to download  your favorite books from the Barnes & Noble website.
  • Nook Simple Touch–$99.00.  This one also has a 6″ touch screen, advanced E ink display, built it wi-fi (usually downloads your books in less than 10 seconds), access the World’s LARGEST bookstore of over 2.5 million titles and new releases, you can also borrow and read ebooks from your public library.
  • Nook Color–The HOTTEST new reader from Barnes & Noble.  This baby is also $199.00.  A 7″ ‘viewing screen. You’ll also be able to access millions of movies, tv shows, magazines, songs, magazines,  download many apps.  NOW….Nook allows you to share books with your friends with their “lend me” program (You can lend your e-books for one time to a friend for two weeks).  This has a built in wi-fi and web also.  COLOR!
  • Nook Tablet–$249.00.  All of the Nook Color attributes, PLUS movies & tv with Netflix and hulu plus preloaded, faster, lighter longer battery life and 2 times the memory!
What if you JUST WANT TO READ A BOOK.  Nothing else.  
Well…then why not check out some of the basic E-Readers that are on the market.  (such as the Slick E-REader).  These start as low as $50.00!   Many of these have a 7″ display (some are color, some black and white), they will run with windows or macs.  Some newer ones even have touch screens.  They will have a built in memory, but also usually have a SD card slot to hold even more books.  These readers generally connect to your pc or mac via a usb cable.  You can’t access amazon or B&N to get your books, generally you get them from Kobo.  (don’t worry, they have over 2.2 millions ebooks and counting)
SO…with all that being said.  Take some time to really research the reader that you’re getting for yourself or giving as a gift.  They all do so many different things, and have so many different price points.
My BFF over at TheDealFanatic has found a GREAT deal if you’re looking for a basic E-Reader.  Just click on over HERE to check it out!