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Finding Coupons


Whether you’re new to couponing or you’re a professional…it’s always nice to have a complete list of places where you can go to find coupons.  Maybe I’ll remind you of a place to look or maybe give you a BRAND spankin’ new idea….either way…coupons are HERE and retailers are realizing it and taking note.  You can find coupons in so many more places today than ever before…from the internet, magazines, in store promotions, and even your cell phone.  Sit back, relax…and let’s FIND SOME COUPONS!

Places to look

  • Newspapers–duh?  Make sure you’re getting MULTIPLE Sunday papers.  When you find a smokin’ deal…you aren’t going to just want to buy ONE pack of diapers…you’re going to want to stock up at that price!  In many cities, the dollar stores carry Sunday papers(like here in Aberdeen, WA), some cities you can get a special rate by ordering multiple copies (see GrocerySmarts)…or just call your local paper and see what they have to offer.  Do NOT go to a paper box and steal extra papers…that’s TOTALLY NOT cool…you’ll just end up getting bad mojo.
  • In store promotions–Keep you EYES open when grocery shopping.  Retailers are setting up displays all over the store and many times coupons…beautiful STACKS of coupons are attached…enticing YOU to just give a new product a try!  and you should…IF it’s already on sale!  BUT…also, keep some of those coupons…if it’s a manufacturers coupon, you can use it at ANY STORE!  (so, hang on…another store may just have a BETTER deal!)  In many stores, if they have an “in store” coupon…many times,  you will be able to “stack” a manufacturers coupon with it.  That means…you’ll  be able to use TWO different coupons for ONE product!  (that’s how to shop it baby)!
  • Doctor’s offices–I  know that nurses will sometimes offer you coupons for your prescription meds, BUT…have you thought to ask them if they had other coupons available?  Many will have coupons for OTC meds that you commonly use during cold season.  The same goes for dentists….don’t you think the reps give them toothpaste coupons?
  • Recycle Bins–Just in a dumpster if you want to…but, I’m thinking about smaller bins that you’ll find in apartment complexes, office complexes…even in your neighborhood (if they haven’t switched over to the enormous recycle everything in one big can).  MOST people throw away their coupons…in a recycle bin…at least it’s just laying around with a bunch of paper…no poo or food to wipe off!
  • Samples–When you see bloggers or websites telling you to sign up for a “sample” of a product…do it!  I know…who the heck wants ONE q-tip mailed to you….you want a box full…BUT…many companies send along coupons WITH that sample.  Whether you try the sample out or not….getting high dollar coupons can be invaluable.
  • Write–yes…like good old fashioned writing.  Write a letter to the companies of products that you like.   Companies like to hear about what you like and don’t like about their product…and to thank you for your time…they will send you coupons.

Online Places to Print Coupons

I simply LOVE the internet.  There is SO much to read about…so much to learn…SO many coupons to find.  I feel like “Find Waldo” each day.  Before I go on a shopping trip, I’ll do a quick internet search to see if there are any printable coupons out there.  CouponTom is also a good resource to look at to see if there are any coupons out there available. (now…I do NOT know all coupons that exist…these are just good resources to start your search).

I think I could type in links ALL DAY LONG.  If there is a product you like…find their website and see if they have a coupon on it or if they’re running a special promotion.  It only takes 5 minutes (ok…10 if you’re a SLOW typer!