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It was just a few weeks ago when I told you about fuel saving tips by signing up for The Fuel Rewards Network.  Have you taken the time yet to sign up??  The process is so very easy.  Once you’ve signed up and linked your MasterCard accounts, the fuel savings will just start adding up.  Not only can you save at participating grocery stores, but you can also save while dining out and at home improvement stores.  Maybe I’ve been using my MasterCard a little much this summer…but, we sure are saving!  I learned about this opportunity because one of the many sponsors of the program is MasterCard.


My goal when I signed up for The Fuel Rewards Network was to save enough money to take the family to the lake as often as we can.  And who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful lake as often as they could?  Sitting out on the rocky shore, with the wind blowing in your face, as you watch your husband and middle son paddling with all their might to get their kayaks to the middle of the vast lake.


This may just sound like any regular day at the lake…but, in our family…it’s such a blessing to be able to witness such family fun time.  Not only to sit back and watch my husband paddle the kayak…but, to watch him carry our youngest son on his shoulders.

You see…our youngest son has something called “DiGeorge Syndrome”.  It means he has a bad heart and lots of other medical problems.  He’s endured multiple open heart surgeries, stomach surgeries, mouth surgeries…and he’ll always have to have more heart surgeries in his future.   He’s a six year old peanut, that can’t talk, run, or even feed himself. Everyday that we get to spend with him is a blessing…and having the opportunity to save a few extra pennies, means a lot in our world.

Don’t knock how saving $0.03 per gallon of fuel can add up.  Saving every penny adds up…and can lead to extraordinary things.


That savings can buy the worms to take the boys fishing, the fuel needed to get to the lake, or even the lunch for the picnic while at the lake.


What about the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your husband.  (I know…on a day where he isn’t getting on my nerves).  This is such a fun way to reconnect…and it’s also a moment that we cherish every time that we’re fortunate enough to find just a sliver of time alone.

You may think I’m being mushy…but, I’m a realist.

Being able to spend this time with my hubby is also a blessing that I don’t take for granted.  He’s a colon cancer SURVIVOR…and watching him go through months of chemo and to now be able to enjoy living in his own body…priceless.

We’re thankful for every opportunity that comes our way to save money and to in-turn, use that savings to spend family fun time together.

Make the most of your time together as a family.  Plan outings, picnics, or just a walk to the park.

When you’ve signed up for The Fuel Savings Network and started saving, what would you want to do with your family when all those pennies started adding up?