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Yes…you read correctly.  My husband and I just read The Engine 2 Diet book…and we’re ready to take the challenge.


That’s the book.  I was able to read it in 2 days.  The premise is….cut out all meat, dairy, and add TONS of fruits, veggies, and exercise to your diet.  It’s just that simple.

As a family, we’ve already taken red meat out of our diet.  (we simply have too many cancers and other hereditary diseases in our family history NOT to take action now why we can).

So, with red meat already deleted from our lives….it wasn’t that hard to cut out the chicken and turkey.  With new grocery lists in hand, I’ve loaded us up with TONS of fruits, fresh veggies, frozen veggies, and beans….lots of beans.  It’s exciting to be able to keep my SAME grocery budget, and yet eat much healthier.

PLEASE….we are NOT starting this diet to “save the animals” (it’s TOTALLY cool if you’re vegan to save the animals.  I just wanted to let you know that we’re doing this challenge for health reasons first and foremost).  I’m from the south…I love my meat and potatoes.  BUT, we are getting “of a certain age” where we need to be aware of what we’re putting into our bodies (and how our body is processing it).

Our children HATE (and i don’t like using that word) veggies, beans, and anything healthy.  SO, that means that we’re doing this challenge WHILE all the bad food is still sitting in the pantry just taunting us! (I imagine I will be a cheater at times).  I will ask them to TRY our meals…but, not force this challenge on them.

Do you remember a few months ago when Oprah and her staff went Vegan for a week?  I tried to get my husband to try it then…and he wouldn’t.  (funny how time will change your perspective)

I’d LOVE to hear if you’ve read the book, if you’re vegan, or what you think about all this.

I am SO TOTALLY excited to start this.  I mean…I am excited if I’m able to lose a few pounds…but, I am MOST excited about getting healthy.  I’m  just tired all the time, I feel BLAH bloated all the time, and I know that it’s because I’m a junk food eater.

I will share our meal plans with you, recipes that I’ve tried and LIKED (I won’t share the gross ones), and will tell you about any weight loss that we notice or energy level changes (and…I’ll keep you updated on our pooping schedule…you KNOW that’s going to change!)

Be sure to check out Engine2Diet’s website and read about the book, the challenge, and they even have recipes list for you to try out.