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You guys know that we haven’t been in Reno THAT long…and you also know that I have a house full of HIGH maintenance people.  Our youngest son is a cardiac kiddo (who’s on 10-15 meds a day), our middle son is allergic to everything and has horrible asthma, and my hubby Joe is my colon cancer survivor (give a cheer!).  Needless to say, I’m STILL transferring meds from Washington pharmacies to local pharmacies in Reno.  With the plants blooming earlier than usual, Eli’s allergies have started up and thus his asthma.  Of COURSE we’re running low on his inhaler.

I DO have an iphone…but, I don’t spend my days downloading apps (that would be my children).  BUT, I have seen commercials recently about Walgreens and their new app (you know….where the guys scans the prescription bottle while he’s on the mountain).  WELL…I AM getting “with the program”.  Why not…try the app.  I already use Walgreen’s online website to refill prescriptions, or call it in, or just walk in with my request.  Could an app be easier?

Well…all I had to do was “search” Walgreens in the app store.  It is a FREE app (so, that’s SUPER exciting!).  Once the app was downloaded, I opened it up.  This was the first screen.  Not only can you access the pharmacy information, but look at all your other choices:  Photos, store locator, coupons, weekly ads, or pill reminders.

I was transferring a prescription from a different pharmacy.  All you have to do is take a picture of the prescription label (making sure to get the pharmacy name and prescription number).  I type in my son’s name and date of birth and the old pharmacy’s phone number…and press “submit”.

That’s it.

Seriously.  It really is that easy.

All you do now…is head out to your Walgreens store and pick up your prescription!

and all asthmatics will be breathing clearly again! (and yes, he does need a haircut)

As a BUSY parent, where my time is FAR too valuable, I REALLY did love using this app.  I can’t believe that it’s SO easy to refill prescriptions that you already have with Walgreens with just a simple scan…and if you want to TRANSFER to Walgreens, just taking a simple picture.  Anything that can make me more organized and free up a little time is worth it.   I would have PAID for this app (but, I am TOTALLY loving the FREE factor of it!)

If you’d like to see how I transferred my prescription with multiple screen shots and pictures of us shopping in Walgreens, just check us out HERE.


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