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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

My family and I venture out to The UPS Store for many reasons.  We check our mail from a P.O. Box that we have there, we need their help constantly to help package boxes for us (to ensure safe delivery), and I MOST frequent the UPS Store to send my packages overnight (because I AM A BIG OLE procrastinator)!  Now, that being said, I was totally amazed when I became aware that the UPS Store offers a new service through iMemories.  This service takes your old home movies (you know old VHS tapes, the 8mm tapes, reels) and turns them into a perfect home movie for you on a DVD!  (because how many of us have a VCR left in the house?)

So…we search the house!  ANY video tape the kids can find (and let me tell you how HARD it was explaining to the kids what a video cassette tape is)!!


And here we have it….my stack of video cassettes to be converted to DVD and a few negatives.  I have to admit…I have NO idea what’s on ANY of these videos.  Now….they’re all home movies (stop your giggling now)…they could be of past birthdays, Christmas’s, soccer games.  I canNOT wait to see them!  (and I know what you’re thinking….and NO, I didn’t label them…that would have been too insightful).

After a quick trip to, I was able to get a real feel for what this service is and does.


You simply gather all your cassettes, package them up (or let the guys at the UPS Store package them for you) and you send them in.  It really is THAT easy!


I know that I’m always reminding you guys about my special needs kiddo, Isaac.  (and if you don’t know him…he’s super special, with an even special syndrome and heart defect).  We’ve learned on more occasions that I’d rather forget, how precious life is, and that you do forget things.  You forget how your kids laugh, how the boys voices sound before puberty, how they dance and sing for anyone….these are all memories that we’ve recorded….and forgot about and placed in a box.  Having the opportunity to find old pictures and videos and convert them into a dvd format that will last for more than 100 years is SO EXCITING.  Look at these guys…I don’t want to lose one second of their childhood:

If you’d like to see my whole shopping experience while at the UPS Store, just click HERE to view my ThisMoment.


We have our dvds uploaded!!!  Did you know that once iMemories gets your videos, they upload them immediately for you to watch them on your computer!  Not only can you watch them, you can edit them, SHARE them (yep…email them to friends and family), and order your dvds.

This is what their website looks like when they have your videos and images uploaded.

This is a screen shot of one example of an uploaded video.  You’ll notice the top of the screen shows the different “elements” (these would be everytime we have the video paused or stopped…or like a new scene).  Notice the actual video image is middle of the screen.  On the right side of the image, you’ll see all the options that you have with this video.

While I was playing around with the images online for a few days…look what came in the mail!

Yes…they mail you back your videos and negatives!  (I hadn’t even thought about that!)

After I make my decisions and put my dvds in my shopping cart….they actually shipped out the same day…and I couldn’t believe it when I saw them!

I opened the box to find everything wrapped nicely in tissue paper…

This is what your dvds will look like.  They have covers on them with snapshots from your movies, and the name printed on them that you named it.

Can’t you see some of the cuteness in this dvd??  I’m SO excited to watch them!

Even the dvd itself has a cute label on it!!!

Here is a video that they were able to save for me. Oh, it just made tears come to my eyes. This was during Isaac’s first year…he’s on oxygen, a feeding tube…but, look at how happy he is with that red balloon.

And…here is my second favorite video discovered on those old camcorder tapes. It’s Eli reciting a poem from kindergarten (yes…he is a genius!)


Once you have your dvds in the mail, you have the option to pay a small fee to keep your videos online for you and friends to access, or you will have the free 30 day window to view them online.

I was BEYOND ecstatic with this process and the final product.  Because it was my first time, I did call and email the customer service a few times…and they were awesome (and, I always spoke to a real person!)  It’s time for you to pull all those tapes out and send them in…this would make an AWESOME holiday present…or a VERY FUNNY family fun night watching old videos.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias.  #CBias  All Opinions and cute kids are all my own!