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Yes…you heard me right.  A Trash Can Toy Chute.  The NEED for this toy chute was the general state of my son’s room.

I know…many of you wouldn’t DARE put a picture on the internet of your house in such a state…but, it isn’t MY room, it’s Eli’s.  He has SO many clothes, toys, and books…and we’ve been working on ways to organize it all (and throw away a lot also)!

Here’s all you have to do to make one for yourself:

Get a trashcan…and cut out the bottom (I used a cheap little jig saw–ladies, if you don’t have one, ask for one for Christmas…you’ll LOVE it!)

Now…I picked out a trash can with a FLAT back and a rounded front.  There are SO many colors and styles to choose from.  This one I snagged at Walmart for about $7.00.

Next…decide how you want to decorate the can.  I decided to use my acrylic paint and the stencils that I used for the Antabuse china.

Painting on a plastic can is different than on fabric.  DO NOT go side to side…dab up and down (or you will get paint all under the stencil).

Don’t worry…it dries flat.

Now…you can paint stencils on your can, stripes, polka dots…and if you have a little girls’ room…PLEASE put tulle around the top like a ballerina skirt!

While your paint is drying (which, does indeed dry pretty fast)….go ahead and nail SOMETHING in your wall to hold the can up.  I finally used those picture hangers (no stud needed)…and the can lip slid right into the groove!   It was perfect.

YES…i TRIED to use those little plastic hooks first…and they broke off.  No worries…the can will cover that little mishap right up!

(that’s just an up close shot of the picture hook that I decided to use)  I’ll pull that green thing out ONE DAY!

NOW…let’s hang our can on the hook, place a basket or bin underneath it…and start piling in the toys!

The idea of the “toy chute” is to get rid of ALL the baskets and baskets of toys that we had in Eli’s room.  Using this concept, we’re able to get rid of about FOUR baskets full of toys.  Once you put them in the top…they fall to the bottom, in that basket.  When the basket is full…the can starts filling up.  SO…the kids will see the available toys in the basket…use those…and then clean up by throwing them in the top…thus, rotating the toys.  THEY ALL get played with now!!!  AND…I have more room on Eli’s  floor!


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