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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

It has been a truly LONG year for our family.  As a family we moved from a small coastal town in Washington to Reno, NV (rain to sun).   I personally had a hernia repair and then my gall bladder taken out.  My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and then had to have surgery on his shoulder (unrelated events).  AND…to top it all off, Isaac (our youngest special needs son) will need a heart surgery in August.  SO…if there’s anyone that’s ready to get their summer started and to make sure we enjoy EVERY bit of it…it’s our family!

First, on our list of grabbing summer fun, you need to make a LIST.  Yep…get out a piece of paper or poster board.  Write down your “bucket list” for the summer.  Here’s what ours looks like:

We’ve listed things that can be done for free, little money, and we’ve even added a few trips on our list of things we’d like to accomplish this summer.  NOW…with a list made (and remember, we wrote ours in crayon…you can totally type it out and be more formal), it’s time to pick a few things and get to it!  Be creative…get inspired to do things that you haven’t done in a while or never done.  BE silly…wear funny wigs to the mall with your kids, make sock puppets and have a puppet show for friends, make dinner and turn it all green and red!  Make this a summer that you and your kids will NEVER FORGET!

Eli and I decided to make a quick trip to Walmart to grab lunch and other goodies to enjoy out summer day.

We knew that we had a day of swimming and biking planned…so, what better treat than Nestle Drumsticks.  With a box of drumsticks in our cart, we stayed in the freezer section and looked for a pizza to make for lunch.

I’m not sure if YOU have a favorite frozen pizza, but this is one of ours!  Why pay more for a box for your pizza….grab a few of these babies and you won’t be slaving away at the stove (we’re actually cooking ours on the grill!)  Oh yes you can!

After grabbing a few more necessities, it’s time to find something else for our list.  A hula hoop!  (Eli wants to practice before our hula hoop contest).

We were in and out of Walmart SO fast, it was time to get our SummerFUN on!

I suppose we should feed the kids first.  And yes, like I mentioned before….you can grill your frozen pizza (it makes the crust SO crispy!)

After grabbing a few slices of pizza (and Eli stealing all the pepperoni’s off this one)…we’re headed outdoors to start working on our list!  Before we hit the pool, we have “the giant swing” on our list.  I wasn’t about to get on that thing, but good ole dad did!

and…if you can believe it or not, they kept their pizza down!!  (this swing went SO high, it almost made me sick…and I was on the ground documenting it all)

After riding the giant swing, it was time to grab MORE summer Fun by heading to our pool with Intex sand filter!

We miss Las Vegas and having our own pool, but we SURE DO LOVE going to our community pool.  Eli showed off his mad rope swinging skills (while that’s our Chris in the lifeguard stand!)  Just spending time together in the pool and on the side of the pool was SO much fun!


After the sun drained us of all energy, it was time to head back to the house for an impromptu picnic and a refreshing snack!

I grabbed those Nestle drumsticks and a beach towel and off to the grass we went.

I think he likes it…and he’s not our fan of chocolate.  This drumstick was vanilla ice cream with some chocolate swirls…and he ate it! (huge, because he’s SO stinkin’ picky).  It wouldn’t be a real picnic without some entertainment…and so of course it’s time for a little hula hoop training.

There is nothing like starting our summer off with some forced family fun time (that’s what my kids call it).  We were able to cross of a few things from our list, and we’ve even decided to add a few more (oh goodness).  It makes this mom smile to know that I didn’t have to slave over a stove to make my kids lunch and they can be rewarded for being awesome kids with Nestle Drumsticks that make them feel so special (and I did it all without breaking the bank…which TOTALLY makes this mama happy!)

Have I inspired you?  Are you ready to GrabSummerFun and start your list??!  I can’t wait to see pictures of your family enjoying Tombstone pizza and Nestle Drumsticks and see your #GrabSummerFun list!  Go on…get on it…and send me what you’re doing!


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