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Ducky Dynasty

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Duck Dynasty.  These guys remind me of my family and friends in North Carolina.  With their laid back attitudes, thick accents, and family values…I was hooked with the first episode that I watched.

The premise behind the show is the father, Phil, created a duck call that revolutionized the duck hunting industry.  With the great product developed, it soon became a family business, with Phil’s sons all finding a role in the company.  Si, Phil’s brother, is my favorite character of the show.  He’s a Vietnam vet and just cracks me up!

I love that this reality show is family friendly, and a wholesome show to watch.

That being said, I can tell where they’re getting into a little product placement and trying to be a little more “scripted”.  However, Jase and Si can’t be scripted….A & E is just lucky to catch what antics come out of their mouths and the situations that they’re put in.


On our road trip this summer, I noticed that we were driving through MONROE, LA…and I just HAD to stop by the Duck Commander Warehouse.

Duck Commander

I was surprised at how many fans were standing in line to walk through the warehouse, get their picture taken in front of the warehouse, and to just buy souveniers.

(and yes…I did drop a couple of Ben Franklin’s while I was there…)

Duck Dynasty

Thank you A & E, for bringing us this funny and awesome family.  It’s like they’re extended relatives…and they’re just stopping over for dinner.  Thank you for letting us share in their antics, for seeing how hard work pays off, and how they don’t forget to bless their meals and give thanks for the blessings in their lives.

Be sure to set your DVR…The new season of Duck Dynasty starts tonight, Wednesday, August 14th.

Go ahead and tell me…who’s your favorite Duck Dynasty family member??