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OH MY GOSH…as if we WEREN’T getting our dance on with Just Dance 4 and Just Dance Disney….NOW, we get to try out The Hip Hop Experience!

This dance game is rated T (for teen), so…the 10 and up crowd will LOVE it!  It has songs from back in MY day (It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C) and current Hip Hop songs.  Here’s the OFFICIAL trailer for the game:

Here’s what I LOVE about this game:

You get to customize your character.  Eli made his dancer look spiffy in a tux…

and yes…he takes his gaming seriously.  Here he is in action (in his matching suit):

Another feature I just love with this game, is a front view of the dancer AND a back view (along with the little outline of the next dance move on the left side of the screen).  With ALL that help, you also have the choice of THREE different skill levels of dancing (and each player can play at a different level).  (FYI…you will WORK your bum off!)

If all the Hip Hop music of now and then aren’t enough….this game even has a feature to help you work on specific dance moves (the Power Skooling mode).  There’s NO way that you can get out scored doing this! (I mean…after practicing the “Rally and Ride” you should have a perfect score on that move!)  When you’re finished with a dane, the game will score you…and let you know what your BEST dance move was and your worst! (great feedback!)

There are SO many modes of play in this game:  intelligent shuffle, high energy multiplayer challenges, dance party mode, and dance battle (I lost every time on dance battle!)…and dance until you drop in the Dance Marathon mode!

The final selling feature for my Eli, was having LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it”:

You can snag a copy of The Hip Hop Dance Experience at ToysRUS or Amazon (and don’t forget, it’s available for the Wii or the Xbox Kinect)