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Living in a house FULL of boys…I know EVERY single super hero.  We have the action figures, we see all the movies, have all the costumes, and HAVE to purchase all DVDs as they are released.  Therefore, it wasn’t a huge surprise on our weekend Walmart excursion, when Eli pointed out to me that we could purchase The Amazing Spider-man dvd NOW.

I quickly tried to use my own spidey sense to recall that the movie would NOT be available for purchase until NEXT month, when Eli’s wonder eyes spotted the endcap that would prove me wrong. ( I hate when he does that)


Well…I’ll be.  (said in a most southern accent).  Look what we have here.  You CAN purchase The Amazing Spider-man Exclusive Blu-Ray + DVD Movie Gift Set now.  As I took the case off the shelf and inspected it, here’s the deal:


  • You BUY The Amazing Spider-man DVD case today.  (get Blue Ray or regular dvd)
  • (The Amazing Spider-man Gift Set will be delivered to your address on or about November 9th)  Which will include the DVD, bonus DVD, and a Limited Edition Mask DVD Case
  • Once you get the dvd case home, you just go online to create a Vudu account (where you will be able to watch never-seen-before stunt footage and deleted scenes)
  • WATCH the movie early on starting on October 30th from your Vudu account BEFORE it’s in stores on Nov. 9th

Yes…Eli proved me SO WRONG!

So, we wonder through Walmart and check out all available Amazing Spider-man toys.

We snagged the dvd, a few action figures, and YES…even a costume (because I’m a pushover!)

Once at home, it didn’t take Eli very long to show me how EXCITED he was that this movie was coming out on DVD so soon!

Yes…I do let MY Amazing Spider-man scale the wall around my house!

While he was outside scaring our neighbors…I was inside figuring out how to get my dvd sent to me and start up my Vudu account.  ( turns out to be quite simple)  Here’s all you have to do:

Go to and enter your redemption code

Once you’ve entered your code (it’s on the paper dvd inside your case), you’ll get this screen:

Now…you just sign up for Vudu (or login to your existing account).  Don’t worry…it’s FREE.

And you’ll even be prompted to enter your address.  This is where they will send your DVD AND special edition dvd case.

Here’s what your Vudu account looks like.

That’s it!  You’ve got the dvd coming to you in the mail, access to the movie BEFORE it’s released, and a limited edition Amazing Spider-man dvd case.  OH…it’s going to be like Christmas around here soon!

Don’t worry…we’ll have a proper celebration when the DVD release is closer! #SpiderManWMT

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