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Raising Money for Medical Bills

paying for medical bills #crowdfunding


Going through my pictures and looking at all the ones that were taken of Isaac while he was in the hospital just break my heart.  We spent almost his entire first year at Stanford…which is a great hospital…just not where you want to live.

Raising Money for Medical Bills…

that’s a tough one for many families of special needs kids.

For our family, we were too prideful to ask for help.  We knew we had a good income, savings, and a 6 figure retirement to break into if we needed.  Fast forward seven years, the great job was lost, the savings account depleted, and our 6 figure retirement GONE.  It was really hard for us at that time…in the middle of the chaos of surgeries, to fully understand what the medical bills were and WOULD be.   AND…not only what the medical bills would be, but how just how high the cost of raising a specials needs kiddo would be.   From special adaptations needed around the house, special vehicles, special clothes, special EVERYTHING for our special little guy.

I decided to write this post about does clear nails plus works for fungus infection for a couple of reasons.

One…because I want to be truthful about what an amazing little guy we have…but, also…how this amazing little guys’ needs impact our family.  If there’s a family out there that knows they’re expecting a little miracle…it’s best to come to the table knowing as much as you can to fully prepare.  DO NOT be too prideful to accept help from family, friends, and neighbors.  Trust me…there was a time when I was actually in TEARS at the thought of someone coming into my messy house to clean it…only to then take a deep breath and cry BIG FAT TEARS of gratitude at the gesture.

People that love you will want to help you…so, let them.

Second…It’s been seven years being just MOM and NURSE to sweet Isaac….and I FINALLY started working OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Not only is this an amazing opportunity in and of itself…but, for our family…it means the cushion and safety net that we haven’t been able to experience for quite a few years.  Not only is ME getting a job a big deal…the company that I’m working for is AMAZING!

They’re called MoveYourMountain.org and they are a  crowdfunding website.

I only want to share them with you…because we DO JUST WANT I’M telling you to do!  Enlist the love of your friends and family when you need help paying for medical bills.

When you start a crowdfunding campaign…you’re able to set up the “platform” to allow others to give to you as they wish (without you having to ask for it).  Set it up…and it’s out there.  Not only can people make a ONE time donation…you can also set up a campaign where people can set up a MONTHLY donation to you.  I think this is amazing, because, as you know…the costs of raising a special kiddo just doesn’t stop at one hospital bill.  You may actually need help in other areas of your family finances and don’t want to put all the “details” out there for everyone to know.  This open funding venue allows you to tap into funds that were given to you and your family…without any hesitation in using them.  They were given out of LOVE and specified for your family to use.

Check out their site…and if you need any help setting up a campaign or need any help marketing it…I’m totally here to help! (well…here and at the office!)

yes..I even have my own office!

How did your family handle the tremendously high medical bills?  Is life still expensive for your family?








I did NOT get paid anything to write this post.  This was written because I felt the need to share it…and I believe in this company and the amazing things that they’re able to do.

The Ultimate Travel Tote with 5-hour ENERGY® Shots #ThisIsMySecret #shop #cbias

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Summer is JUST getting started..and I know many of you will be traveling…and will have NO choice but, to bring along those darling kids that reside in your home.  There are a few necessities that you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need while out and about.  The MOST important item in your arsenal  is a six-pack of 5-hour ENERGY® shots.  Let me just tell you WHY you’ll love these babies:

  • Zero sugar
  • Zero Carbs
  • Only 4 calories
  • 5-hour ENERGY® shots are a dietary supplement that contain a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients
  • and…they taste pretty good too (my favorite is the berry flavor)

Now…along with the 5-hour ENERGY® shots…I do have a few other recommendations for making the ULTIMATE Road-Trip Travel Bag.



  • It’s imperative that you have a SUPER CUTE bag.  The bigger the better.
  • Your 6-pack of 5-hour ENERGY® shots
  • Bottles of water…it is summer after all…and you don’t want to dehydrate.
  • Chocolate…of any kind…because, chocolate makes everything better.
  • Toilet Paper…because you brought water…and you just never know!



Oh yes…and don’t forget the sunglasses!

FYI…all these goodies can be found at your local CVS store.  (and the 5-hour ENERGY® shots are found on the Vitamin/diet needs aisle)…AND…notice the sale going on right now! (buy one 6 pack, get the next one 50% off!)



With a bag packed like this..You’ll look good, stay awake, FEEL awake, and ready for whatever the road brings!


Ready for a contest?
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Now…where are YOU traveling this summer??


Thanks #CollectiveBias for letting me share my fun road trip traveling tips!


How Sharing a Coke and a Wagon Help a Sick Kid #ShareItForward #shop #cbias

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I’ve seen the commercials…the Coca Cola ones…with people coming into the store and buying Coca Cola bottles with names on it.  SO cute.  THEN, Eli and I were strolling through Walmart…and there they were!  Bottles and bottles of red and white Coca Cola bottles in the coolers at the front of the store.  Bottles with names on them.  YOU KNOW that we were going through them and looking for our names!  (I didn’t see a Kathy in ALL the ones that we searched!)


While searching through bottles (and also having all Walmart employees looking at us like we were crazy..), we decided to make a “get well basket” for Eli’s friend who was home sick with pneumonia (and who is an AVID Coke lover).  EXCEPT…what 13 year boy wants a basket??   Then, I saw it…in my head…a WAGON!  We’re in Walmart…they’ll have everything we need to make sick Tristen feel better.

And they did.

First…we gathered our favorite Coke bottles with names on it.


Tristen is our “get well wagon recipient” and we couldn’t find HIS exact name…but, we settled on Angel and Friends.    After a few 20 oz. bottles, we headed down the soda aisle and snagged a pack of cans too (some of them had BFF, Buddy, and other cute sayings on them as well).

Throw in some candy, a pink fluffy pillow (don’t ask), and kleenex…and we have a WAGON for the friend of Eli’s who has been TOO sick to even play video games online! (can you even imagine!??)



How cute is this card??


I love that Eli has a friend that means SO much to him.

and…FYI…the day AFTER we gave Tristen his WAGON of Cokes, he was MIRACULOUSLY much better and was able to talk on the phone all day AND play video games simultaneously.

Not that the Coke cured him…


I think it sure did lift his spirits and put a little PEP back in his step!

With all the sharing of Coca Colas….Eli and I decided to find one for Chris, my oldest son.  (who lives, eats, breathes, and drinks COKE!)

Alas…I did find a “Chris”Coca Cola bottle for the cutest lifeguard that I know (ok…I may be a little biased:) and yes…he ALREADY had a Coca Cola in his hand!  I know my guys!


Thanks  #CollectiveBias for the opportunity to make our Wagon for the Sick and pay it forward!

Planning a Huge Backyard Bash in a Tiny Space #BackyardBash #shop

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For more ideas on how to create your own #Backyardbash, check out the tumblr page at www.drpepperbash.com.



It’s summertime and you’re FEELING the need to entertain neighbors and friends.   GREAT!  Well…so you thought, until you surveyed your surroundings…and the HUGE #BackyardBash that you had in mind is turning out to be NOT SO HUGE!  Never fear…I am here to help!  No longer do you have to worry with how to have a great outdoor party with LITTLE outdoor space…your fairy princess is here to help (that’s me).  I will share with you how to dazzle on a budget, be the queen of Walmart shopping, and how Dr Pepper is more than just a drink to quench your thrist.



Step One…

Say it with me, ” I have a tiny yard and I cannot lie.  You other bothers can’t deny…”  and, there’s nothing wrong with that.  You CAN have an AMAZING outdoor party.  Start by making a list of things you want to serve at this party.  If you like the look of my set up above, here’s a quick snippet of what I was able to just grab at my nearest Walmart:

  • Dr Pepper (all kinds…you’ll see why in a moment)
  • Cheez-Its
  • Coleman Cooler (you’ll need ice, it’s HOT out!)
  • plastic table cloths & a few placemats
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • pork loin
  • hamburger buns
  • cool-whip
  • cheesecake flavor pudding mix
  • candy
  • popcorn
  • chips
  • cookies
  • napkins
  • plastic plates, spoons, cups
  • straws



You’ll find us on the soda aisle…with my little screamer in tow.  (What?!?  Did you hear us?!?)  Seriously, I had NO idea there were so many Dr Pepper choices!  Holy MOLY!

Next…you’ve gone to Walmart…now, you’re looking at your tiny space scratching your head.  (stop that)


Yes…go through your house and see what you could possibly use to display your food goodies on that doesn’t take up TOO much space.

Check out the BEFORE of my food armoire.



You’re impressed…right??  There was NO painting involved.  Just covering up with the plastic tablecloths, placemats (on the doors), and artful placement of my goods.


Now…let’s get to the goodies!



For all the snack foods that are pre-made (like the Cheez-Its, popcorn, and chips)…just put those in any type of container.  I actually used those clear storage containers (and they worked just fine).  And…they’re sitting in a bookrack (I actually saw some of those for sale at Walmart too!)



For the cooler…I’d suggest using it MORE for ice, and chilling your sodas beforehand IF you can.

The sandwich…that’s an EASY Dr Pepper Shredded Pork Sandwich.

Put a slab of pork loin on the countertop

Rub some pork rub on it (it’s dry seasoning)

Drop it in the crockpot on low (or high if you don’t have 6-8 hours)

Add ONE can of Dr Pepper (any flavor, diet or not)

Cover and cook…low at least 8 hours makes it SO tender!

Before serving, shred it with your forks and add some BBQ sauce to taste.

Serve on a big ole bun!



It’s a party…I know it’s USUALLY “milk and cookies”…but, it’s SUMMER…and we’re having “Dr Pepper and cookies”.  I see you eyeing those cupcakes…Red Velvet cupcakes…made with Dr Pepper!  So light and yummy…here’s how to make them:

Pour a Red Velvet Cake mix into bowl

Add 8 oz of Dr Pepper

Stir and cook (14 mins for cupcakes)

The icing is just cheesecake pudding (mixed per directions on box)

topped with whipped cream…

and a cherry.



You have EVERYTHING display and ready for an AMAZING #BackyardBash.  Just look at how great everything looks…if I do say so myself!


It’s ok to stop and take a sip…you deserve it (ok…I deserve it!)


and…YES…we WERE throwing rings on our bottles of Dr Pepper.  Don’t you??

I’ll make up ANY game to keep them off the computer and other video game systems!


That’s all there is to it…

Relax…and open your tiny outside space to your friends and neighbors!
Let the party begin!



Thanks to #CollectiveBias for opportunity to share with you my party tips!

When Your Therapist Tells You Your Kid Sucks



It’s these darn therapists….the ones that you pay to help your kiddo.  After one of our sessions last week….She (Mrs. L), made me leave her office in tears.

“Your kid sucks….”   that’s I could hear.  All these years of therapy, ot, pt, speech, behavior…and it all culminates to days like this.  Days where I put my hands over my face in disbelief.


Isaac….our special needs kiddo…

The one with the special heart…

the one that we’ve depleted our 6 figure retirement account for…

the one that leaves a trail of chocolate chips behind him where ever he goes…

that kid.

They say he sucks.



He’s 7 years old…and FINALLY can suck through a straw!  You just can’t imagine how unbelievably proud we are of him.  Isaac has been getting ALL of his liquids and medications through his g-tube in his belly.

Now…we’re NO WHERE close to getting that g-tube removed…but this is AMAZING!


Can you even imagine what it’s like on a hot summer day….everyone drinking water…and you can’t quench your thirst with a sip of water??

and he can see other kids.  What he must think when we’re sitting around the table and I give him something yucky to eat (because that’s usually the most nutritious).  NOW…he can sip on a little juice box and wash the horrible taste away…and pretend like the rest of the kids that my cooking was the most delicious thing he’s EVER tasted!

This is AWESOME!


It’s awesome that we have such amazing therapist that don’t give up on our kids.  That work through the tears and tantrums (of both kid and parents) and let US have just a brief moment to just be mom…

I’m a HORRIBLE therapist….

I had NO idea that Isaac was even ready to drink from a straw.

and…it’s ok…

I’m just mom…

not the soothsayer extraordinaire that I sometimes think I can/should be.

All Hail the Great Therapists everywhere!




4th of July Summer Legs #SummerizeYourLegs #shop #cbias



Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?!  Warm weather is here and it’s time to get our SUMMER Legs on!  With the 4th of July just around the corner…we’ve (ok…I have) got some preparing to do.  With the fairest skin in all the land, freckles that connect to give me the APPEARANCE of a tan, and porcupine type leg hairs that will scratch you if you brush up against me….Let ME share with you a few tips on how to SUMMERIZE your legs in time for celebrating the 4th of July! (finding the best razor, using shave gel, sunblock, and getting those super smooth legs)


Everything you need can be found at your local Walmart.  For your shopping list, pick up:

  • The best skincare fridge Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Shave Gel
  • Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor
  • Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance SPF 30


PREPARE–I know it’s a little obvious, but you have to prep those winter-logged legs before they’re exposed to the gamma rays of summer sun.  Wash those legs lavishly with soap and a brush or loofah sponge to help exfoliate the dead skin cells that cover your body.

SHAVE–There’s NO need to scratch passerby-ers with your prickly leg hairs…just grab some Skintimate shave gel (they even have a sensitive skin formula) and use a good razor (like the Schick Hydro Silk sensitive care razor).   You MUST use a good shaving cream and good trimmer from http://beardcareshop.com/wahl-9918-6171/…or, you’ll just have cuts and razor burn all over your fair little legs (and that’s worse than porcupine hairs).

PROTECT–I come from a family full of skin cancer…throw in my super-fair skin…and I’m just asking to burn and turn the loveliest shade of “lobster red”.   Try to use a waterproof, high SPF sunscreen to protect that newly shaven skin.   If you’re in the desert, like we are, this will also help keep the skin hydrated and NON-ashy.

You can get MORE tips from Walmart.com…and you’ll be able to “Enter to Win” the Summerize Prize Pack.


Now that you’ve got the legs…it’s time to show them off!


In preparation for the 4th of July…I thought I’d show you how to show those lovely legs off with these super cute and easy to make Barefoot Sandals.

Just get some elastic string and beads…and you’re ready to begin.


First…you’ll need to work on the toe section.  (use smooth beads)  Once you have the toe beads on, tie it off, and keep stringing.


You’re actually going to string the beads enough for UP the front of your foot and then around your ankle and then tie it off, you can even use an

amazon ankle brace.


That’s it!

(however, when tying the elastic string, you have to do it SUPER tight and in double knots so that it doesn’t come untied!)


Let the summer begin!


Thanks #CollectiveBias for the letting me share my summer leg plans!

Grab some coupons to save on Schick and Skintimate products.


Fruit Juice Slush #KoolOff Recipe #shop

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It’s warming up outside….Really, it is.   So…get OUTSIDE and enjoy the sunshine!!  The hubs and I have been hitting the tennis courts as often as we can.  (He’s my tennis coach…and it’s OH so sweet!)  When it’s time to hit the courts….I grab THREE essentials:  rackets, balls, and some fruit juice (because I don’t like drinking JUST water).


Why yes….that would totally be a HUGE bottle of Kool-Aid fruit juice with me on the courts.  (I do share, you know)  They come in three different flavors:

  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Tropical Punch

I didn’t even know they had big bottles (96oz) available.  I was just walking through Wal-mart one day, and spotted them on the lower shelves.  No mixing…they’re ready to go!


Hey….Kool-Aid isn’t just for kids you know.  Not only can you get it in this 96 oz container, but it still comes in the little squeeze bottles, the dry mix (that you add to water), and the juice pouches.


Now that you have your own 96 oz. Kool-Aid juice…..let me tell you how to make an OH SO DELICIOUS and EASY Fruit Juice Slush!


For those of you that know me…

you know that I’m a most horrible chef…and ONLY cook and make things that are simple and easy.

So….here you go.

Put ice in a blender…..

Put Kool-Aid (any flavor) in a blender…

Press “start”…..

and pour into glass.


(yes…it really is that simple)



With the weather warming up…you’ll be entertaining….and TRUST ME…you’ll want to remember this super easy recipe!

Now that your mouth is watering and you NEED to make this Fruit Juice Slush…

head on over to Wal-mart…

if you’re in one of these areas, you could be lucky enough to meet a pro fisherman and get freebies!

Jim Dillard, pro fisherman, could be coming to your local Wal-Mart to help promote the new 96oz Kool-Aid bottles! There will be product giveaways, t-shirts, games, and more fun activities!


Friday May 30th 5-7pm:

13675 Highway 43 Russellville, AL WM Supercenter

Saturday May 31st 3-5pm:

3100 Hough Rd Florence, AL WM Supercenter

Saturday May 31st 6-8pm:

517 Avalon Ave Muscle Shoals, AL WM Supercenter

Friday June 20th 5-7pm:

1210 Mineral Wells Ave Paris, TN WM Supercenter

Saturday June 21st 3-5pm:

1225 Paris Rd Murray, KY WM Supercenter

Saturday June 21st 6-8pm:

809 N 12th St Murray, KY WM Supercenter

Friday August 8th 5-7pm:

360 Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter

Saturday August 9th  3-5pm:

1326 Bush River Rd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter

Saturday August 9th 6-8pm:

2401 Augusta Rd West Columbia, SC WM Supercenter


Enjoy the warm weather….and #Kooloff with Kool-Aid Fruit Juice straight from the bottle or in a yummy slush!

Thanks #CollectiveBias for letting me share this yummy treat with my readers!

Owl EyeSpy Bags that YOU can Make



These are the cutest owls….aren’t they?

When I look for toys for Isaac…everything needs to pull double or triple duty.  It needs to be fun, educational, and it needs to keep his interest.  You can totally buy eyespy bags anywhere….but, why NOT make them?  I have this LOVE of owls…and thought that owls would make the cutest eyespy bags.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • felt (various colors)
  • clear vinyl (sold at Walmart and fabric stores…even a clear shower curtain will work)
  • rice or clear beads (they’re in Michael’s and JoAnn’s where stuffed animal beads are located)
  • goodies to fill the owls with for the kids to spy (letters, shapes, toys…anything goes)

Print THIS picture to use as your cutout guide.

owl eyespy cutting guide

Then, just start cutting the pieces of the owl (the body, eyes, inside of eyes, nose, wings, and back of body)


When you’ve cut out the front of the owl…be sure to cut out that circle also!  Then, cut out a square piece of clear vinyl and sew that from the inside of your owl (just sew in a circle around the circle that you just cut).


After you’ve sewn it…it’s ok to flip it over and cut the excess vinyl off (following the circle seam that you just sewed).

Now, let’s sew those wings on.  (I didn’t sew on the vinyl…just around the outer edges of the wings.

owl eyespy bag


Next…place the eyes and nose (to make sure you don’t need to trim them any to fit.  AND…then, start sewing them on.  (I just used white thread for everything.  It just depends what look you’re going for OR how long you want to take to make these cuties!)

owl eyespy bag

Now…let’s sew the back on this owl (leave an opening to add your beads and toys).  I left the bottom of my owl open for me to put the goodies in it (anywhere really is fine).

I added about ONE cup of beads to my owl (just judge yours by how much you want your beads and toys to move around.  (you can also use beans or rice instead of beads…you just can’t throw it in the washing machine if you use rice.)

eyespy bag

All stuffed with beads and toys??

Sew up the bottom and marvel at your handy work!






Hell Hath NO Fury Like a Mother Scourned

Hell hath no fury

“HELL!”….that’s the extent of my potty mouth vocabulary.

But…that’s the word I feel like yelling…like shaking someone and screaming it in their face.

 What the HELL is wrong with you??

I haven’t written in a while…because we’ve been busy.

A good busy.

Life with a husband that travels all week, a 19 year old that moved BACK home, a genius 11 year old, and a super special needs 6 year old will do that to a girl.

In jest, a few weeks ago….I wrote on my Face book wall, ”

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.22.07 PM

Never in my WILDEST dreams did I really think that was the case…

I have NEVER had to fight with anyone about Isaac (except the insurance company).  Our school IEP’s every year have been easy.  I listen to the teachers and their suggestions…and agree.  We’ve all wanted what was best for Isaac.  THEN….this year’s IEP meeting was a little NOT as I had planned.

When did the role of educators become those that DID NOT want to educate?

When did the professional opinion of five different therapists NOT make a difference in YOUR opinion?

When did the special education department decide that only looking at a child for a few minutes would give you the best picture of how they function in class and life?

When did a mother’s opinion NOT matter?

When did you EVER come across a mother who doesn’t work so that she can take her son to individualized therapies SIX extra hours every week (outside of those received at school)?

When did you EVER have to sit beside a hospital bed for months at time….just willing and praying for your child to survive?

When did you EVER prove the doctors wrong year after year…and celebrate yet another birthday?

When did you EVER fight for another person as MUCH as I’m willing to fight you NOW?

NEVER…you will NEVER know that life we’ve lead…

the fights we’ve endured…

the blessings we’ve received…

and the love that we’ve felt.

You only see a boy whose potential is limited….

who’s wings won’t expand to let him fly…

and you are SO WRONG.


I will show you how much I will fight….

how my sword will shine, my shield will deflect, and my army will rally.

You will be defeated.

You will look at my son with a different set of eyes…

You WILL see his potential….

You WILL want the most for his future…

or else.


Yes indeed.  You have been warned.  If you’re in the special education department and you don’t want the best for our special needs kiddos…..

it’s time to open your eyes…

or get a new job.

Educators in all fields should WANT to educate.

They should want each and every child to learn as much as they can.

Every child doesn’t learn the same…and adaptations should be made….

and be made with a kind heart…

and with the individual student in mind. (not the cost of or inconvenience to teach them)

Since WHEN did we have to fight for an education for our children?

Maybe we always have, and I just didn’t notice until I had to with Isaac.

Hell hath no fury

and…just for the record…

Here are the current stats for Isaac, the boy who doesn’t need an aide in school:

  • Non-verbal 7 year old (in 3 weeks!)
  • can’t sign or use assistive technology for communication
  • not potty trained
  • eats his shirt and wears it wet all day unless teacher has time to change him
  • eats his hands all day until they are raw and start bleeding
  • has no concept of danger (will wonder off, touch hot things, stand on tables)
  • severely autistic (says a very expensive test by a behavior therapist)
  • tries to pull out his mickey button daily
  • can’t feed himself
  • can’t drink by mouth
  • doesn’t complain (if he’s hurt, or gets hurt by others)
  • he has a broken heart (he’s had 2 open heart surgeries, 13 heart caths, and his heart beats way too fast)
  • he wears leg braces (he can walk, but like a 9  month old, very wobbly)
  • he can’t blow his nose (it has to be suctioned like a baby)
  • he has to be “prompted” to do everything (take a bite, chew your food, look over here, hold this, touch this)

Why don’t I have him in an institution?

Isaac, special needs

Because he’s smart….he’s so very smart.  His memory is remarkable, he can work an iphone and ipad like no one.  There’s recently been a shift in him…where it’s like his “light has been turned on”.  There’s so much this little guy can do….

so much…

and I will fight with all my motherly might to make sure he gets that chance.


Ok…end of the rant for today.

I’d love all feedback.

Am I asking for too much?

All my friend teachers…if YOU had Isaac in your class, wouldn’t YOU want an extra pair of hands on board to help?

(Just for the record…our teacher, principal, and assistants are awesome.  It appears they aren’t the decision makers in this matter.  IF your child needs a personal aide (paraprofessional)….someone who does NOT know your child decides).

Can you Spare a little Andrew Jackson for Sick Kids? Project Pillow Pet in Full Effect

My SUPER awesome talented friend, Megan, is spear heading a great effort in turning her house into a PILLOW PET haven!  Ok..not really HER house.  She’s collecting pillow pets to donate to kiddos that are stuck in the hospital.

Here’s how you can help…

Photo credit Pip & Ebby...stolen with her approval!

Photo credit Pip & Ebby…stolen with her approval!

Just donate a pillow pet…

mail it to her…

She’ll take care of the rest.

Yes…it’s JUST THAT easy.  Hop online, order, and ship.

Head on over to Pip & Ebby and read all about it and get Megan’s address.

Don’t forget to leave her a comment and be entered to win some goodies!