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Slap On Watches are Here! 

2 for $12 with FREE Shipping (Save $18!)

(oh my gosh…don’t you remember the slap bracelets 20+ years ago?)

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Slap On Watches are the hottest trend in 2012 and Just in time for the Holidays!

Two Slap On Watches for $12 with FREE SHIPPING

(A $30 Value – Save $18)

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What Are Slap On Watches?

Slap-On Gear: Slap Watches – Take the time pieces out, and make 100′s of unique combos!

Slap watches are the newest and fastest growing trend. Slap on watches are great for kids, teens and adults. They are easy to put on before work, school, or play! Water resistant and highly durable silicone housing is perfect for all ages. Interchangeable colors make these a great fashion statement, try matching them with your outfit, favorite sports team colors, company colors (we imprint logos as well), or favorite holiday colors!

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer…or a gift for any youngster..I think this is it.  EVEN if they can’t tell time yet..they love slapping the watch on and looking cool!