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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

The Brotherly bond…it’s a beautiful thing.

When people ask the age of my boys, they seem a little shocked at how far apart they are.  How can they be close to each other or have anything in common with such age gaps??  (they are 18, 10 and 5)

In this age of technology, I’ll share a little secret and touching moment:

Earlier this week, Eli (age 10) asked Chris (age 18), “Chris, can we do something together?  I just want to spend time with you.”

After careful consideration, Chris decided that I should buy Eli the same video game that he was playing.

and they’ve spent HOURS together this holiday break playing together (one upstairs, one downstairs), talking on headsets, and strategizing to defeat the bad guys on their game.


You may be scratching your head and asking yourselves, “WHAT??  You’re happy that your kids are playing with each other in DIFFERENT rooms?”

and…my answer would be YES!

Why not??

Remember when they played Just Dance together (and looked TOO cute!)…

It simply melted my heart to hear them talking to each other for HOURS on end!  (yes, I also let them play games and watch television too much and I’m ok with that)

What amazed me….was the thought that Chris (older brother) put into how they could ENJOY spending time with each other.  It wasn’t forced family fun time (like they always complain about), but a fun REAL way to interact with each other.

In my dreams, maybe it would be nice to have the boys reading beside each other on the couch…

but, this is MY reality.  and, my boys are SO AWESOME! and…they kind of like each other! (which is FAR more than I could say for some of my siblings at that age!)

Who would have thought that I’d be so thankful for the Xbox??