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Walmart Family Mobile #shop

Should your middle schooler have a cell phone?  I’m sure that’s the talk around MANY dinner tables (or tv trays).  We’re such a technology based world now…it’s NOT even close to how it was 25+ years ago when I was in middle school.  Pay phones aren’t at every corner, quarters aren’t jingling in your pockets, and NO ONE know’s an actual phone number!  It’s SO hard to even wrap my head around it.  (my son’s only 11!!)  Who in the world does he need to call?  Where am I going to find the cheapest wireless plan?  What kind of phone will he need?  Will he need an unlimited plan or just talk and text?  When will he be old enough to get a job?!?!  When this debate was brought up at our dinner table, Mr. Eli (said middle schooler) had the following points to be made on why HE needed a cell phone:

  • to remind my mom to get me on early release days
  • to text my friends (who talks anymore?)
  • to call you and ask you if my friends can come over after school
  • to call you and tell you that I have to stay after school (but, not for detention)
  • to call you if there’s a school emergency and you need to find me
  • to call a cute girl (if I get her number)
  • it’s embarrassing to ask the ladies in the office to use the phone there

With my son’s needs in my mind, I set out on a shopping trip to Walmart to take a peak at what my options were.  I have already signed up for the Walmart Family Mobile Service and think it’s great.

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop


With this HUGE sign greeting me when I entered the electronics department…I kind of knew it was meant to be.

Eli did have a few good valid points.  I’m on the road with the other boys at appointments and always running errands.  If he DID need to reach me…it would be a little hard depending on where he was.

All I could picture in my head was….

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop


If an after school activity got cancelled…I’d just hate to see him waiting around the empty school grounds for too long.  I’d much rather see this after school:

Walmart Family Mobile #shop


How can I NOT give it a try!  With adding an additional talk and text line to my Walmart Family Mobile Plan, it’s only $24.88 a month.  This really is an affordable option when you’re thinking about getting your kids their first cell phone.  With the Walmart Family Mobile plan you don’t have to sign a contract, you can get a phone at a low cost, AND there are limits and controls that help keep YOU informed with what your child is doing with their cell phone.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

There’s NO need to inform your kids about the limits and controls, however…here’s just a few of my favorites:

  • Limit how many minutes they can use
  • Set up 10 always allowed and NEVER allowed phone numbers
  • block adult web content (if you have the data package)
  • data on/off (maybe you have days where they don’t deserve it!)

Loaded with ALL this information about the Walmart Family Mobile Plan…we got Eli an Alcatel 606A cell phone with unlimited everything.  It was easy to manage all my account information on the MyFamilyMobile website.

Stay tuned to how I “limit and control” his new cell phone and how often he ends up using it!

What about the kids in YOUR family?? Have they asked for cell phones??  What have you tried??

#FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

Walmart Family Mobile was also featured in the Live SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine…be sure to check it out to get great ideas for back to school!