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I’ve seen the commercials…the Coca Cola ones…with people coming into the store and buying Coca Cola bottles with names on it.  SO cute.  THEN, Eli and I were strolling through Walmart…and there they were!  Bottles and bottles of red and white Coca Cola bottles in the coolers at the front of the store.  Bottles with names on them.  YOU KNOW that we were going through them and looking for our names!  (I didn’t see a Kathy in ALL the ones that we searched!)


While searching through bottles (and also having all Walmart employees looking at us like we were crazy..), we decided to make a “get well basket” for Eli’s friend who was home sick with pneumonia (and who is an AVID Coke lover).  EXCEPT…what 13 year boy wants a basket??   Then, I saw it…in my head…a WAGON!  We’re in Walmart…they’ll have everything we need to make sick Tristen feel better.

And they did.

First…we gathered our favorite Coke bottles with names on it.


Tristen is our “get well wagon recipient” and we couldn’t find HIS exact name…but, we settled on Angel and Friends.    After a few 20 oz. bottles, we headed down the soda aisle and snagged a pack of cans too (some of them had BFF, Buddy, and other cute sayings on them as well).

Throw in some candy, a pink fluffy pillow (don’t ask), and kleenex…and we have a WAGON for the friend of Eli’s who has been TOO sick to even play video games online! (can you even imagine!??)



How cute is this card??


I love that Eli has a friend that means SO much to him.

and…FYI…the day AFTER we gave Tristen his WAGON of Cokes, he was MIRACULOUSLY much better and was able to talk on the phone all day AND play video games simultaneously.

Not that the Coke cured him…


I think it sure did lift his spirits and put a little PEP back in his step!

With all the sharing of Coca Colas….Eli and I decided to find one for Chris, my oldest son.  (who lives, eats, breathes, and drinks COKE!)

Alas…I did find a “Chris”Coca Cola bottle for the cutest lifeguard that I know (ok…I may be a little biased:) and yes…he ALREADY had a Coca Cola in his hand!  I know my guys!


Thanks  #CollectiveBias for the opportunity to make our Wagon for the Sick and pay it forward!