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You don’t have to have as many monthly prescription medicines as we do to want to save a little more each month.

(and this isn’t all of our monthly meds…just what was easily accessible for a quick photo op)

With all this (and then some)…you can see where we’d LOVE to have a break at the pharmacy.

On a recent trip to Walgreens (please click HERE to see more pics on that adventure), I was able to talk to the pharmacist about their Prescription Savings Club.  I get Walgreens email updates, and I’ve seen it on their website, but wanted to know more about it.

The pharmacist told me all about the program.  It’s $35 for a family to join (including their pets!) or $20 for an individual.  Then, she showed me a list of the meds that the savings club covered so that I could find the medicines that we fill often. (The complete list can be found on their website HERE.)

Then…she closed the sale.  She said, “if you don’t save at least the cost of your membership in one year, we will issue a credit for the difference.”  SO…why wouldn’t I give it a try??

This club is best for those people without insurance or when you DO have prescription insurance, and have pretty high co-pays (which is where we fall in).  There have been months when Isaac was really sick and 15 meds himself a month, where we’d pay over $700 a month for our prescriptions.  I wish I would have known about this club years ago!  It covers SO many medications, many I wouldn’t have even thought to ask about.

After just giving the pharmacist all of names and dates of birth… (ok, and $35), we were all signed up and ready to start saving! (you’ll get a print out as your temporary card until they mail yours out)

With my temporary card folded inside my brochure, my clearance finds, beverages to calm my thirst, and other goodies….we head to the check out.

This was ONE productive shopping trip.

(Although, I will be back without Joe.  There were SO many cold meds on clearance, and he thinks I’m a hoarder when I buy more than one box at a time.  BUT, also being part of the #rxsavingsclub, you get 10% bonus when you buy Walgreens brand products.  And, you know I LOVE saving a money when I can!)

If you want to find out more about Walgreens and the Walgreens Prescription Savings Plan, check out these sites:


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