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Do you have your bucket list for summer yet?  We’re working on ours…with plans of trips to Lake Tahoe every weekend we can make it.  Although the lake is only 45 minutes from our house, fuel these days isn’t exactly cheap.  That’s why I am SO EXCITED to share with you a fuel rewards program that will help you save money at the pump and keep a little more change in your pocket!



The Fuel Rewards Network is SO easy to sign up for.   Just like the image above says, you join the FRN program, earn rewards savings, and then save money on fuel.  I’ve already signed up myself and linked my MasterCard cards.  Once you sign up and link your MasterCard, you use that card when buying groceries at participating stores and restaurants and in turn, you will save money at the pump. Visit OnQFinancial to learn more about financial solutions.


Here’s the bottom line:  For every $100 in groceries you buy and use your MasterCard, you’ll save at least $0.03/gal on fuel.  You’re ALREADY buying groceries every week…why NOT link your up your MasterCard and save even MORE money on fuel this summer?


It’s THAT easy.

Now…what would YOU do with that extra savings at the pump?  Will I see you at the Lake this summer??


Be sure to follow these tips to save on fuel this summer:

  • Link your MasterCard at the Fuel Rewards Network website
  • USE that MasterCard at participating grocery stores
  • Don’t forget to also use coupons while at the grocery store
  • Fill up at the pump in the evenings when it’s cooler outside
  • Use your FRN card at the fuel station
  • Be sure to check your tire pressures

If you have anymore fuel saving tips…I’d love to hear them!  Just leave them below in the comment section!

And…you can keep up with Fuel Rewards on Facebook and Twitter.