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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

Over the summer, the boys and I flew to North Carolina.  On that trip back, I lost my iPhone cover.  Since that moment…I’ve been dragging my feet in finding it’s replacement.

Until a few weeks ago, when I was posting about the 2012 Holiday Celebrations #HolidayGuide.  Well, I told you then that I was going to order myself that Otterbox iPhone cover…and indeed I did!

The idea is to wrap your up TECH this holiday season.  That TECH would be ME!  I’m wrapping my iPhone up with a cute grey and pink Otterbox cover!  (I know…horrible.  I get on my boys about buying themselves gifts this time of year.  BUT, this is a NECESSITY I think).

Now…for those of you that know me and my boys, you know that our special Isaac LOVES his iPad and my iPhone.  This is really an addiction he has.  When we leave the house, we leave the iPad at home, but he HAS to have the iPhone.   Thus, when we walk into Walmart, he will SCREAM until his little face is blue….so, I share.  No problem.  Until he gets too excited and THROWS my poor little phone.

yes…he did. (and does)  and did…

Yes.  I ordered my Otterbox to protect my iPhone…BUT, your Otterbox can’t protect your phone IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT ON YOUR PHONE!

Fast Forward a few days….and it came!  I was GOING to wait for Christmas to open it, but under the circumstances, I think it’s quite appropriate that I take action to prevent further damage of the iPhone!

Merry Early Christmas to me….Merry Early Christmas to ME…Merry Early Christmas to MEEEEEEE…….

(couldn’t you just hear my southern accent singing that??)

I just could NOT resist.  I tore open that box…It’s a NECESSITY!  (gotta have my phone in working order)

Here’s what I LOVE about the Otterbox covers:

  • They come in Pink (and other colors…but, really…Pink is the best)
  • they have a belt clip included (I’m not sure if I’ll use it, but it’s nice to have)
  • they not ONLY have a rubber outside, but a HARD cover inside (it’s like double and TRIPLE protecting your phone)
  • the charging port of your phone is covered (which is good if you have a child that slobbers on your phone (did you know that slobber can corrode your charging port and you will need a new device….yes, we’ve been there too)
  • it has a built-in SCREEN protector! (no more expensive stick ons that don’t stick when said slobbering child licks his fingers then touches the screen!)
  • did I mention that it comes in PINK!

TRIPLE PROTECTION…I totally think it’s FINALLY Isaac proof!!!

and look…I get it in it’s cover and Isaac comes home from preschool.  I think we have ONE happy customer (Ok, TWO!)

(how can you resist such a happy and content little guy like that??)

You can’t.  BUT, now I can rest assured that he will not bring further damage to my iPhone and I can leave him to play in peace.

If you have a techy on your holiday shopping list, head on over to Walmart and check out their HUGE selection of Otterbox covers.

AHH…do you see THAT pink one too!  There were black cases, camo cases, PINK camo cases, many other colors and iPad cases also.  The prices looked like they ranged from $34.98 to $59.88.  (which isn’t a bad price considering what it would cost to REPLACE that iPhone!)

While I was looking at all the options available at Walmart, the cashier came over to see if I needed help.  We just started talking about how awesome these Otterboxes were and he told me that he was just off roading in his Jeep and his phone fell out and down the mountain.  They found it about 1/2 mile DOWN the side of the mountain…and it was perfectly fine!  (that was cool that he knew how awesome they were and that he was sharing that information)

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**and, just for those of you that don’t know about Isaac…he’s special needs (so don’t think I have a spoiled brat on my hands that I let throw my electronics around and scream uncontrollably!).  He’s my super-special-heart baby and he does indeed throw my expensive electronics around…but, he’s been through so much, it’s a-ok!


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