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We are a family of FIVE…and we all NEED cell phones (yes, even Isaac!)   As the Family Financial Manager, it rests upon my shoulders to make sure we save every dollar where we can and use those hard earned dollars in the best ways.  A few weeks ago, we went to the Apple store and had to upgrade my husband’s cell phone.  While we were there, the guy told us that our plan had to be changed and we NO LONGER had an unlimted data plan. (WHAT?!?!)  We NEED unlimited Plans…we need the BEST wireless plan!

We’ve been with Verizon for YEARS…like 10+ years.  I can’t imagine having to check the computer everyday to see if I’m allowed to check my email from the school or use Mapquest on my phone while I’m driving!  AND…if the thought of that didn’t stress me out enough, we had to, AT THAT VERY MOMENT, pick a data plan.  (Who the heck knows how much data they use??)  I’m sure we guessed high…but, we’re currently paying about $300 a month and I KNOW we’ll have to address this issue soon.  We have TOO many medical bills each month with Sir Isaac to throw money away for cell phones!

Fast forward to this week.   I was asked to check out Walmart’s Family Mobile Unlimited Plan and given a T Mobile myTouch phone to try out.


Oh yeah…it’s SO cute!  I’m not droid or apple specific…they each have unique qualities that I love about both.

In order to activate this phone, I had to run over to my nearest Walmart and buy a Family Mobile Starter Kit.



You can activate your own phone from YOUR HOUSE after buying this $25 kit!!  You can see all of my shopping adventures HERE if you’d like.



Here’s the skinny on the Walmart Family Mobile share plan:

  • $40 a month for the FIRST phone that you add
  • $25 starter kit required per line
  • $35 a month for EACH additional phone that you add
  • Once you go past 1GB of data, your speed goes from 3G to up to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing cycle (although, there are plans to boost your speed if you’re a data hog!)
  • You get T Mobile’s nationwide coverage
  • No contracts to sign!
  • The price is the price…no taxes on the air, wind, or flower seeds (you know what I mean…the crazy bills you get with who-knows-what being taxed)

Walmart Family Mobile

Once I got home…I pulled the phone out of it’s box and opened up my starter pack.

Walmart Family Mobile


The activation process was SO simple!  You can port an existing number over or get a new phone number.  The computer walks you through each page step-by-step (you can’t mess it up!).  You’ll have to insert the sim card that comes with the starter kit (and I had to remove my battery to get to where mine is placed).

And that’s it…

you’re ready to start calling, texting, and surfing the internet.

Walmart Family Mobile

If my family changes from our Verizon plan to the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited plan, we’ll save about $120 a month!

I’m going to keep using this phone for the next few months and compare it with my current phone and services.  I’ll keep you posted on how we like it and if there’s anything we don’t.

So far…so good though!  The T Mobile bars haven’t dropped in my area yet and the internet surfing is speedy enough for even Isaac!

You can read more about Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan HERE and actually sign in or sign up to activate your Family Mobile Plan HERE.