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walmart family mobile

If you recall, a few weeks ago I went to Walmart and bought the activation kit for Walmart’s Family Mobile program.  I set aside my iPhone and started putting my new myTouch to work.  We all want to save money.  We all have cell phones (or want them).  We ALL want the BEST deal possible.    My reasons for trying the Walmart Family Mobile program was the unlimited plan, one of the lowest price rate plans that I could find, and I wanted to see how the service compared to my existing Verizon plan.

walmart mobile

We went SO many places this month…and with my new myTouch in tow, I really did pay close attention to how the phone itself compared as well as the service of both phone and data.

I can tell you that the phone itself is awesome!  I’m both apple and droid proficient…so, it was extremely user-friendly for me.  I was a little worried if my reception would be different (using the T-Mobile service vs. my current Verizon).  Well, I never once dropped a call or sounded distorted to anyone that I was talking to.



When I’m out and about, I have to give Isaac (our little special guy) my cell phone to watch YouTube videos.  Well, it could keep up!  (and that’s saying something)  Sir Isaac is a clicking little guy and has NO patience…and the service was able to keep up.   When I checked my data usage, I never came close to 1GB.  (that includes Isaac’s video usage, and me checking emails, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

#Family MobileSaves


No SLOW turtle service here!

And…I got the cutest text reminding me how much my next bill was (it’s a prorated amount.)



With the Walmart Mobile Share plan, you can just pay online with their account management site.  If you already activated your phone, it’s the same site where you go to manage your phone bill.  The Family Mobile site is very user-friendly and easy to use.  (you can see how easy by watching how I activated my phone).



You have things to do this summer.  Scratch “Find a cheap wireless plan” off your list!  I’ve actually talked with a few of my friends who have switched over…and they all love it (and the money that they’re saving).  Time to put that extra savings into some summer fun!

I want to remind you that there are AWESOME  phones that Walmart sells to go with their Family Mobile plan…BUT, you can also use a phone that you already have (YES…even if it’s an iPhone!).  I think there use to be a stigma with the whole “monthly” cell phone plan.  It’s NOT like that anymore…the market is far too competitive and the cell phone carriers want our business.  Why NOT shop around and get the best price, best plan, best phone…YOU deserve it!

I’m planning a road trip from Nevada to North Carolina next month…and I’ll be bringing along my new myTouch cell phone.  I’ll keep you updated on my travels as well as how the phone service is going.