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I am alive.  I went in on Wednesday to have my gall bladder removed…with five days of Vicadin swimming in my veins…I’m feeling REALLY good now!

BUT….I need to tell you how HORRIBLE my family is to me while I was recovering.  

The very first night I came home from the hospital, they were sweet and made the couch all comfy for me to lie on.  I’m SUPER nauseous, can barely walk…so, I’m STUCK on that couch for the night.  We’re all just watching television…everything was fine…UNTIL they turned it to Ridulousness.  This show is SO stinking funny.  Now….we’ve watched AFV every Sunday night for years…THIS SHOW takes FUNNY to the NEXT level!   Rob Dyrdek hosts the show (and sounds like Matthew McConaughey to me)…he’s so witty and just makes funny videos SUPER HILARIOUS.

NOW…I LOVE this show…BUT, I can’t watch it with FOUR HOLES in my stomach from this surgery.  It was on for less than two minutes and I started laughing, then crying…I had to hobble out of the room!  (and…I had to use my outside voice to get them to wait a few days to watch that episode)

I URGE you to check out this show.  I’m TOO old for MTV…I haven’t watched it since they stopped showing music videos ten years ago…BUT, we do have our DVR set to record every episode that comes on.  (they’re even fine for our 10 year old to watch.  nothing too inappropriate yet)  JUST do NOT watch this show while recovering from abdominal surgery….you may hurt yourself laughing too hard!

You can see FULL episodes HERE.  Be sure to check their site also for upcoming airings.

“Like” them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

(and…I’d like to thank my brother-in-law, Kyle, for introducing this show to our family.)