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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.


MY “CountingToTen Moment” are those rare (or in my house, quite frequent) moments where someone (usually my kids or husband) does something SO outrageous that I have to STOP in my tracks….TAKE a deep breath….and COUNT TO TEN.   IF I don’t do that…I will probably start using my OUTSIDE voice in the house, children will be grounded, husbands will find their pillows on the couch…(you get it).

SO…my MOMENT for the day is:

REDBOX and Eli

We woke up this lovely Valentine’s Day morning…to a notice that Redbox had deducted $94.00 from our checking account.  What??  Of COURSE it had to be an error.  I log into my account on their website (which is really user friendly), and was able to connect to a live chat with a Red Box representative.  It appears, after only a small chat session….that ONE NINE year old boy in our house NEVER returned Batman Year One and some PS3 video game with the word Assassin in it’s name.

NOW…let’s NOT even discuss WHY he had a video game with “Assassin” in the name…let’s just talk about WHERE in the world these games and movies were and WHY they were they not tucked away neatly in the red box machine at Wal-Mart?

I admit…I didn’t stop and breathe.  I was yelling up the stairs, down the stairs….poor Eli found those games so fast (he probably peed in his pants while searching).  BUT…the movie and game were found.

What the heck do I do now?

I’ve already been charged $94!  She said that I could be refunded $20 for the game and $10 for the movie if I returned them now.  (I ask for a bigger discount because the game was found under his bed and he hasn’t even been playing it, but…that didn’t work).  SO…$30 back or keep the movie and game??

That will be the topic for discussion when Joe gets home from work and all the kids are home.

I LOVE RedBox…but, we might have to stop going.   This use to happen to us all the time with Blockbuster.  (don’t you remember the days where you’d spend $30 in late return fees?) I almost wish Eli was old enough to play his games on the internet, late fees don’t exists on games that I know of. But, no, he’s already growing up so fast.

Redbox…if you’re reading this…Could you PLEASE send parents emails after 5 days reminding us that our kids still have games out and they should promptly be returned.  (better yet…could you make red-blinking-buzzing-lighted cases–like the Outback Steakhouse buzzers that tell you your table is ready.  This could buzz and light up and tell us “time to return your movie” and might even help us find them in the kids’ rooms).

Thanks…that would be great.