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paying for medical bills #crowdfunding


Going through my pictures and looking at all the ones that were taken of Isaac while he was in the hospital just break my heart.  We spent almost his entire first year at Stanford…which is a great hospital…just not where you want to live.

Raising Money for Medical Bills…

that’s a tough one for many families of special needs kids.

For our family, we were too prideful to ask for help.  We knew we had a good income, savings, and a 6 figure retirement to break into if we needed.  Fast forward seven years, the great job was lost, the savings account depleted, and our 6 figure retirement GONE.  It was really hard for us at that time…in the middle of the chaos of surgeries, to fully understand what the medical bills were and WOULD be.   AND…not only what the medical bills would be, but how just how high the cost of raising a specials needs kiddo would be.   From special adaptations needed around the house, special vehicles, special clothes, special EVERYTHING for our special little guy.

I decided to write this post about does clear nails plus works for fungus infection for a couple of reasons.

One…because I want to be truthful about what an amazing little guy we have…but, also…how this amazing little guys’ needs impact our family.  If there’s a family out there that knows they’re expecting a little miracle…it’s best to come to the table knowing as much as you can to fully prepare.  DO NOT be too prideful to accept help from family, friends, and neighbors.  Trust me…there was a time when I was actually in TEARS at the thought of someone coming into my messy house to clean it…only to then take a deep breath and cry BIG FAT TEARS of gratitude at the gesture.

People that love you will want to help you…so, let them.

Second…It’s been seven years being just MOM and NURSE to sweet Isaac….and I FINALLY started working OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Not only is this an amazing opportunity in and of itself…but, for our family…it means the cushion and safety net that we haven’t been able to experience for quite a few years.  Not only is ME getting a job a big deal…the company that I’m working for is AMAZING!

They’re called and they are a  crowdfunding website.

I only want to share them with you…because we DO JUST WANT I’M telling you to do!  Enlist the love of your friends and family when you need help paying for medical bills.

When you start a crowdfunding campaign…you’re able to set up the “platform” to allow others to give to you as they wish (without you having to ask for it).  Set it up…and it’s out there.  Not only can people make a ONE time donation…you can also set up a campaign where people can set up a MONTHLY donation to you.  I think this is amazing, because, as you know…the costs of raising a special kiddo just doesn’t stop at one hospital bill.  You may actually need help in other areas of your family finances and don’t want to put all the “details” out there for everyone to know.  This open funding venue allows you to tap into funds that were given to you and your family…without any hesitation in using them.  They were given out of LOVE and specified for your family to use.

Check out their site…and if you need any help setting up a campaign or need any help marketing it…I’m totally here to help! (well…here and at the office!)

yes..I even have my own office!

How did your family handle the tremendously high medical bills?  Is life still expensive for your family?







I did NOT get paid anything to write this post.  This was written because I felt the need to share it…and I believe in this company and the amazing things that they’re able to do.