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This is ONE of my kid’s schools.  I have one of the MOST insane schedules this year…and ALL my kids are at school now!  (go figure!)  Therefore, it was imperative as I was getting THEM ready for back to school, that I took a little time for myself.  I didn’t need any school supplies, but I did need to make sure that I had SOMETHING to eat each day.  Whether it was at the school with the kids, or scarfing it down in the 10 minutes that I have to spare.  I like having options that are quick and easy meals to make.   (I do NOT have the time to stand over a stove…nor do I have the desire to do so).  So…A shopping at Walmart I did go.

The staples that I grabbed from Walmart were:

#BTSIdeas #shop

  • Nestle Pure Life Water
  • Different Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites Varities
  • Nestle Nesquick Ready to Drink flavored milk
  • Nestle Juicy Juice 100% Juice

Now…I have two options for the ON THE GO parent.  This first option is when you have a good ten minutes to sit down, relax, and enjoy your lunch.

#BTSIdeas #shop

Looks DIVINE…doesn’t it??

All I did was heat up a Chicken Fried Rice Lean Cuisine Simple Favorite meal.  While that was heating up in the microwave, I poured some of my Nestle Pure Life  water in a glass and used silly ice cubes that the kids made with the Juicy Juice (strawberry Kiwi flavor)…OH my goodness!  (makes the water taste awesome with just that hint of juice!)

Just sitting down to a place mat and cute glass can sometimes make ALL difference in your day.  Slow down…and enjoy your lunch!

Now…in reality…if you need to brown bag it,  that’s ok…I’ve got a plan for you too!

#BTSIdeas #shop

Gone are the days when you can ONLY take a sandwich in your brown bag!  With this option, I used the Lean Cuisine Fettuccini Alfredo pasta.  I cooked it in the microwave and then just transferred it to my little carrying container.  Add in a yummy Nestle Nesquick DOUBLE chocolate milk…and you’ve got a most delicious lunch!

#BTSIdeas #shop

I use this brown bag option when I’m eating lunch at the kids’ schools or when I need to eat on the road BETWEEN appointments.

OK…only because I want you to see the REAL me!

#BTSIdeas #shop

That’s how I eat my lunch on the go!  Yes…I can drive with one hand. (and yes…those are noodles on my steering wheel)

We parents are always putting our kiddos first.  I just want you to remember to take time for yourself…and eat!  Even if you don’t have an hour lunch break, you can still eat a quick and easy meal that doesn’t have peanut butter or jelly on it!  AND…you don’t have to buy a greasy burger in the drive thru.  Use these options and Nestle products to help YOU make the best lunch you can!

Nestle #shop Lean cuisine

 What’s your favorite Lean Cuisine Simple Favorite lunch option?? 

(ok…just smell the Chicken Fried Rice, and you’ll be HOOKED!)