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I am SO excited!!!  We’ve been Project Runway fans from the beginning…and during the hot summer months, this show keeps us GLUED!  (I was actually contemplating canceling our cable today, until I had this realization.  Maybe after the season is over!)


Do you sew or dream of designing fashion for others?  It doesn’t matter either way…if you haven’t watched this show before…WHERE have you been?  Get out from under that rock and start watching!

Have you been watching for years??  This show has me yelling at the television more than House Hunters!

Heidi Klum

Host/Judge/Executive Producer

Tim Gunn


Be sure to add all the judges to your twitter feed and let them know what you’re thinking!

Here’s my current dilemma:  Joe is OUT OF TOWN until tomorrow!  I don’t know if I can dvr it and wait until tomorrow to watch it!  (or I could watch it tonight and act surprised when I watch it with him tomorrow!)

I can’t wait!!!  We’ll regroup over the weekend and talk about what we liked and didn’t and if we thought the judges got it right!