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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

A few weeks ago, I had to opportunity to have professional portraits taken at PictureMe Studio in our Walmart.  I had NEVER been to that studio, and I really didn’t know what to expect.  Before I went for the pictures, I actually got on their website and was SURPRISED at the portrait packages available, the backgrounds, and the fact that you could schedule your appointment ONLINE!  (Be sure to check out their website for special offers, to find your local studio, and to make your appointment)

Now…to gather Isaac and head on over to the PictureMe Studio at Walmart.  I decided to have portraits taken of our Isaac.  He’s turning five, and we haven’t had professional portraits of him made since he was one.  Don’t get me wrong, I have THOUSANDS of pictures at home on my computer, but Isaac is special.  (grab a tissue now) Before he goes in for each heart surgery, we make sure that we’ve taken professional portraits…just in case.  We aren’t a naive family, that thinks our son will be with us for a hundred years.  Our Isaac is special, and with his special little body, heart, and immune system…we do NOT take one single day for granted.  Many parents cherish the pictures they take of their kids, but I think I hold them a little higher in regard and value them a little more.  They are a snapshot at this moment, in his life.  A moment where he’s happy, medically stable, and enjoying every moment of it.  That’s what I want to capture at this portrait session.  His doctors are anticipating a surgery this summer, and what better way to celebrate his FIFTH year of life, than with a special portrait.


That’s our Isaac…ready to get his “cheese” on and smile for the camera.  I have to admit…I am TOTALLY nervous.  I’ve already told you that I haven’t ever taken pictures here before…but, Isaac is special.  He can’t talk, he doesn’t listen to direction…I just hope we have a good photographer who can capture this smile!

And you know what…we do!  Victoria, our photographer, went ABOVE and BEYOND taking our pictures.  I told her a little about Isaac, the importance of these pictures for me, and that I wanted the “real” Isaac captured.  (he couldn’t pose even if I wanted that kind of picture).  She let us blast Yo Gabba Gabba music, and Isaac LOVED it!

Once we took as many pictures as Isaac would allow, we headed over to a desk and computer to see what images were captured.  I LOVE THEM!  This picture above is Isaac dancing…he’s feeling his music, smiling his lovely smile, and that’s the kind of picture I wanted to get of him.

I absolutely loved how all the images were immediately available and she was able to edit them on the spot.  We cropped some, added borders, and even changed the color tones.  We talked about the available packages and I even saw some AWESOME huge prints on the wall beside us.

I didn’t order one THAT big of Isaac.  But, I do think I’ll come back and would LOVE one like that of all three of my boys.

There were SO many picture options to choose from, but I ultimately decided on one that gave me a TON of pictures and gave me a membership to the Portrait Smiles Club AND all my images on a cd to take home that day (with rights to them).

I had NEVER even heard of the Portrait Smiles Club before…but, look at everything you get:

  • 10% off your entire purchase Monday-Thursday or
  • buy one get one free EVERYDAY
  • 10% off your entire purchase Fridays-Sundays
  • ANY and EVERYDAY, you get a FREE 8 x 10 (yes, she said that I could go into her studio every single day I wanted to and get a free picture)

I left that studio feeling SO excited.  Isaac had fun (and didn’t even cry once), I was able to get some AWESOME images of my angel, AND I’m a member of the Portrait Smiles Club for a YEAR!

Now…I’ve kept you waiting….would you like to see what Isaac’s final pictures looked like?

This is probably my favorite one.  Victoria made a collage for me of all my favorite poses.  He’s such a ham with that goofy smile..but, that’s my Isaac!

I love this picture of Isaac just standing there.  He only started walking when he turned four, so I LOVE having this image of him (it took a LOT of therapy to be able to stand…we’re so proud of that!)  And, I do love that black and white aspect of this picture, it just makes it so timeless.

This one is priceless.  His therapists would just DIE if they saw him sitting like that…but, once again, this is true Isaac.

Ok…we have him stand, and holding my iphone.  But, that phone playing his music is what he does ALL day long, and that music is what makes him smile.  I loved that she was able to capture this picture…can’t you see his little thumbs ready to touch the screen?? (and yes, I seem to love the black backgrounds)

I have SO many pictures on my cd that I could share with you…but, how about a few goofy out-takes!

and yes..I will probably use some of these crazy pictures in our next Christmas card!

I enjoyed out portrait session and LOVED the end results.  I will now be a frequent flier at our local PictureMe Studio.  What did you think?  What’s your favorite picture??

If you want to see our whole experience while in the PictureMe Studio, please just click HERE.

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