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These are the cutest owls….aren’t they?

When I look for toys for Isaac…everything needs to pull double or triple duty.  It needs to be fun, educational, and it needs to keep his interest.  You can totally buy eyespy bags anywhere….but, why NOT make them?  I have this LOVE of owls…and thought that owls would make the cutest eyespy bags.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • felt (various colors)
  • clear vinyl (sold at Walmart and fabric stores…even a clear shower curtain will work)
  • rice or clear beads (they’re in Michael’s and JoAnn’s where stuffed animal beads are located)
  • goodies to fill the owls with for the kids to spy (letters, shapes, toys…anything goes)

Print THIS picture to use as your cutout guide.

owl eyespy cutting guide

Then, just start cutting the pieces of the owl (the body, eyes, inside of eyes, nose, wings, and back of body)


When you’ve cut out the front of the owl…be sure to cut out that circle also!  Then, cut out a square piece of clear vinyl and sew that from the inside of your owl (just sew in a circle around the circle that you just cut).


After you’ve sewn it…it’s ok to flip it over and cut the excess vinyl off (following the circle seam that you just sewed).

Now, let’s sew those wings on.  (I didn’t sew on the vinyl…just around the outer edges of the wings.

owl eyespy bag


Next…place the eyes and nose (to make sure you don’t need to trim them any to fit.  AND…then, start sewing them on.  (I just used white thread for everything.  It just depends what look you’re going for OR how long you want to take to make these cuties!)

owl eyespy bag

Now…let’s sew the back on this owl (leave an opening to add your beads and toys).  I left the bottom of my owl open for me to put the goodies in it (anywhere really is fine).

I added about ONE cup of beads to my owl (just judge yours by how much you want your beads and toys to move around.  (you can also use beans or rice instead of beads…you just can’t throw it in the washing machine if you use rice.)

eyespy bag

All stuffed with beads and toys??

Sew up the bottom and marvel at your handy work!