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The Ellen Show is set to record religiously Monday through Friday at 4:00pm pst in our home.   As crazy as my life gets with three boys, a husband, dog, and goldfish….Ellen makes me forget that my husband left the toilet seat up and I fell in AGAIN, that my teenager’s room smells like fart, that my nine-year old son keeps buying apps and charging my credit card,  that my four-year old son (who’s special needs) is screaming right now because HIS ipad’s battery is dead, and our yorkie just pooped on the rug outside the front door because she didn’t want her paws to get snow on them.

I love Ellen for that escape…

that daily escape.  I love her and her show for the laughter it brings, the love that she spreads, the cute English girls that she keeps having on (and, yes…I know their names!).  But, this particular week….Ellen made me laugh until I cried.

When I saw the Kristen Bell interview….I was in tears.  I already liked her as an actress, but Ellen made me  love her even more(almost as much as I like Ellen!)  If you didn’t see the interview…watch it now: (and..fyi…only 9 MILLION people have seen this video…I can’t believe you haven’t seen it yet!)


Now…if you think THAT was cute.  You have to see what Ellen showed just a few days later.  The interview gets auto-tuned…and it’s SO stinkin’ cute!  Here’s that video:


OK…maybe I’ll just start giving you a weekly recap of the Ellen Show…OR, you can start setting your dvr and watch it yourself. (that would save me SO much time typing a recap for you)