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I saw the first episode of this new HGTV show, My House, Your Money.…and almost peed in my pants!!  “My House, Your Money” follows people who are looking for a new home…the twist, however, is that their parents are forking over part of the money and those parents are being QUITE opinionated in what they’d like to contribute to.  That’s when the funny parts of the show come in to play….it’s like House Hunters on a comedy stage!  It’s ingenious!  So many people are in this situation now…having to ask their parents for help because of the economy.  THIS SHOW helps us laugh about it….and “pity the fools” who try to persuade these opinionated parents to their ways of thinking.

The first episode followed a young doctor on his search for a condo.  Not so funny…right?!?!  WRONG…you haven’t met his parents!  They are the cutest parents EVER….(I bet they get offers to have their own sitcom after the premiere!)

Here’s a teaser of the episodes to come:


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SO….have you see this show yet??  I’d love to know what you think!