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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

I’ve been out of town…and after a great family-fun-filled-week…there’s nothing like getting my CRAFT ON!  (because yes, I do still have my sewing machine on the dining room table and NOT up in my office area).   AND…did you know that March is Nation Craft Month~

I get in moods with sewing.  Sometimes, I have GRAND ideas and sometimes, those ideas just end up in a basket in the corner of my office.  This past week, we were paroozing through Wal-mart and Eli makes a B-Line for the donuts.   While he was negotiating a donut-chore exchange,  I happened to notice what was ABOVE the donuts.


A BIG OLE Starbucks sign with different blends of coffee.  Hmmm….

With further investigation, Starbucks has put a few blends on display and tells you which Walmart bakery items complements the taste of the coffee.  (GENIUS)
As I currently have Sir Isaac in the cart screaming at me and Eli STILL negotiating to get a donut, I decide I need a nice cup of decaf.



Keep a look out for THIS display at YOUR Walmart.  Who knew that to bring out the best of Starbucks’ blonde roasts, you should pair it with citrus, milk chocolate, and nut flavors!   And…while I’m deciding what Bakery item I want to buy with my Starbucks, Eli decides to pose for a picture (to ensure that he gets his chocolate donuts!)



(and No…I have NO idea what’s going on with his hair!  What can you do?)

Eli snags his donuts and I decide on the OH SO YUMMY The Bakery Lemon Sliced Cream Cake…and we’re off.

I know…we WERE talking about crafting…and I’m getting back to it!

First, you must know that we had to devour our snacks purchased at Walmart.



You must all know that I LOVE my sweets.  This is the first time that I’m trying this Willow Blonde flavor of Starbucks (I picked it because it says on the package that it’s bright and clean)…sounds refreshing.  While that’s brewing, I have to taste my lemon cake…DELICIOUS!  Then, after trying the Starbucks’ Willow Blonde coffee I try the cake together…they really do complement each other.  (who knew??)  There is nothing like a relaxing snack before messing up your house getting your craft on!  With bits and pieces of lemon cake on my plate and a fresh cup of coffee in my cup…it’s time to sit down to the machine!

While you drool over my snack…let me just share with you WHY it was SO important to tell you about it.   BECAUSE we’re using the Starbucks bag for our craft!



This craft is SO easy and quick!

All you need is:

  • empty Starbucks bag
  • thread (sewing machine is faster, but you can totally do this by hand)
  • velcro

First….you need to cut your bag open.  These Starbucks bags are already the perfect size!  Just cut the bottom off and round the top so that you have something like this:

Starbucks coin pouch


Now…fold it in thirds.  Bring the bottom towards the top and the top over.  (press those creases so that you can see them when you start sewing) This is the back side (with the flap)

starbucks coin purse

and this is what our front will look like:

starbucks coin purse


Now…unfold it.  Cut two pieces of velcro and mark where you want to sew them and sew them in place. (yes…I see there are some coffee grounds I didn’t wipe off!  I’ll get them!)

starbucks coin pouch


All that’s left is to sew up the sides. (I used a zig zag stitch)

starbucks coin pouch


That’s it!  How cute is that??

starbucks coin pouch


starbucks coin pouch

I don’t drink a lot of coffee at home…and I’m usually a drive-thru type of girl anyway.  BUT, I was pleasantly surprised that I did it…and it turned out great!

If you LOVE your Starbucks…go ahead and try brewing it at home…you can start saving those bags and make coin purses and tote bags galore!



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