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I have a special friend, Avery.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year and has to undergo chemo to try and shrink it.  I worry so much about my little friend and it makes me sad when she has bad days.

BUT…to my amazement…I discovered the most wonderful thing this morning!  The Moxie Girlz True Hope Doll.

Moxie Girlz True Hope Doll…May I present Avery (how cool is it that it’s my little Angel’s name!)

Along with Avery, Moxie also a True Hope doll Sophina and a boy doll Jaxson.  These dolls can be found at Amazon and ToysRUs.

Other doll manufacturers also got on the childhood cancer awareness campaign  (FINALLY) and American Girl has developed a bald doll.

You can read more about American Girl’s special new “NO Hair” doll by clicking HERE.  There was also information that if you ALREADY have one of these pricey dolls, that you can send your into the hospital and it will be shipped back with a head with no hair (for $44.00 plus shipping).

And…alas Barbie.

The only information that I could find on Bald Barbie is that they will be in production and giving them to kids, not selling them in stores yet.

If you have a child fighting cancer, love kids that have to fight cancer….or just want to be involved, A LOT of information can be found at THIS facebook page! (these ladies started the bald revolution!)

The Bald and Beautiful Facebook page is FULL of all the latest efforts to make “being bald” beautiful.

I love it!

I’m off to order my little Avery an Avery doll.