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When I usually talk about miracles that I’ve witnessed…it’s within my own family.  Whether it’s Isaac’s heart, Joe’s cancer who needed HCA assistance from, or some other event…I’ve seen miracles happen.  They often relieve me, but never surprise me.  I know that there’s power in prayer and faith.

This weekend, my world was rocked!

On Friday, we saw on the local news that an elderly woman here in Reno was missing.  Then, on Saturday, we got reverse 911 calls describing the woman and where she was last seen.  I felt sorry for this woman…but, I didn’t know her nor had seen her.

(this is where it gets AWESOME!)

On Saturday afternoon, we started getting texts and phone calls that our church was canceled on Sunday.  That this missing elderly woman was part of our church and that we were to all meet at a staging area at 7am on Sunday morning to help search for her.  (now…only those that are able to hike and walk for miles…kids were encouraged to stay home)

(side note…search and rescue spent all day Saturday looking for her.  They even had helicopters searching.  But, the officials kept getting reports that she was seen in different areas, so the church decided to organize another search on Sunday)

So, Joe wakes up early Sunday morning, after working a grueling work week.  He gets to the park at 7am and there are OVER 300 members of our church, standing around, and waiting to help the search efforts.  Joe said that they divided the people into groups of 8.  Gave each group a captain…and within each group, they got a map, detailing where they should look.  They got pictures of the missing woman to show people and were encouraged to knock on doors, walk along fence lines, and look under bushes.

Do you know that within the first TWO HOURS….THEY FOUND HER ALIVE!   She was lying under a bush near the railroad tracks…she was alive.

When Joe came home and told me about this, goose bumps just covered my body.  I am so thankful that this woman was found alive.  (I just kept thinking, what if the leaders of our church didn’t cancel church and didn’t organize such a search).  I can’t imagine.

Here’s a direct link to the news stations’ coverage and pictures.  (goose bumps!)

I am so proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to have Joe be part of the community that helped to locate this woman.