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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

Do you have pets??  Did you get your pets a Christmas present??  Well…now you’re making me feel horrible!  It isn’t too late…is it??  NO…it isn’t!  (Our little Katie has NO idea that Christmas has come and gone and I forgot to get her a present).  SO…Isaac and I are setting out on a little shopping trip.

Once we FINALLY make it inside the store…we actually have a TON of grocery shopping to do, but…then we head to the back of the store to find Katie some doggie treats. (because she gets TWO everyday.  One as soon as she wakes up and one before going to bed)

OK…first, there are SO many different kinds of Milk-Bone® dog biscuits to choose from.  After picking up almost every box, SPOTTING an AWESOME coupon…we decide to get her the Mini snacks.

When I looked at the coupon on the Milk-Bone® box, it mentioned Milo’s Kitchen.  WELL, we’ve never tried this brand before.  BUT…I love the price.  AND… I like that I can see what the treat looks like.  I think we’ll give it a try (Katie will let us know PRETTY fast whether she likes it or not).

Now…we get her most FAVORITE treat ever.  She has loved these since the day we brought her home.  (I know…I should get the HUGE package)

After Isaac and I grab a few snacks and a bag of dogfood for Katie…I SUPPOSE she might like a few toys.  Poor Katie doesn’t have alot (any) toys. NOT because I’m a mean mommy…but, because Isaac is special needs and he mouths EVERYTHING…and I didn’t want him to eat the dog toys.  Now that Katie knows to stay away from Isaac’s toys now and Isaac is learning more and more everyday…I think we’re all ready.

We pick up SO many toys with squeakers in them.  They had some tiny tennis balls that we got for her (even though she doesn’t fetch anything).  I think we have a great assortment of goodies for Katie’s basket.

With a loaded basket and a screaming kiddo…we’re ready to check out and take all these goodies home!  If you want to see our crazy shopping adventures, just click HERE.

I can’t wait to show you what we got the princess!!!

If you’ve never tried any of these dog treats before (ok, not YOU, your dog)…just check them out online here (and be sure to sign up to get special offers!):



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