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It’s that time of year!  The leaves are turning colors and falling, the air has a chill about it, and the stores have put away the “back to school” displays in favor of HALLOWEEN!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  I’d love to share with you how we start getting into the Halloween spirit at our house! (yes…with exclamation points!)

You first have to start with pulling out some decorations!  Some years I go SUPER crazy….this year, I just put a few things outside and kept the decorating to the fireplace mantle.

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Now that the decorations are up….I STILL want to get the family involved with the excitement of this holiday!  That’s where food comes into play. (right!??)

You guys know the extent of my cooking abilities…but, even though I lack in the culinary department, I can STILL feed my family and make it fun!  That’s why I thought about making Halloween Bentos!  (if you don’t know what a bento is…it’s a box lunch for anyone…and there are so many ways to make them fun and cute!)

Here’s what I used to make my Halloween Bento:

  • Tombstone pizza (this one was a supreme pizza)
  • Nestle crunch fun size bars
  • Butterfinger fun size bars
  • banana
  • peanut butter
  • Nerds
  • Edame (freeze dried)
  • apple slices
  • lettuce (and mixed greens)
  • candy eyes

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For this portion of the bento, I first laid out a bed of greens (lettuce, spinach, and whatever else was in the mix).  Then, I placed slices of the Tombstone pizza on the left.  The RIP tombstones are fun size Butterfingers broken in half.   I just used vanilla icing to  write the “rip” on them.  The eye balls at the bottom were candy eyes that I found and couldn’t resist!

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Now…let’s talk about how I made this cute mummy!  First, I got a cupcake wrapper (this one is black with skulls on it).  I then filled it with Edame beans (fill yours with whatever your kids or family eat).  Then…let’s make the mummy!  I took a Crunch fun size bar and wrapped it with this white candy rope (you can also use string cheese…that was my second option).  I used vanilla icing and put it on the back of the eye and stuck it right to the front of the candy bar.  WaaaLaaa…a mummy!

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Now…the funny monster on the bottom right corner.  It’s a banana!  Just cut a banana and smear peanut butter all over it.  Then, sprinkle it with NERDS!  I added two candy eyes and an apple slice for the mouth.  Then, I sat it in a bed of NERDS in a cupcake wrapper.

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That’s all there is to it!  Making Halloween a little more fun and easy with the help of a little Tombstone pizza and Nestle candies!

Keep your eyes open at Wal-mart for these “Scary Monster” Tombstone pizzas! (mine even had a coupon on it for the Nestle candy)

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OK….one more look!  I just think it’s the cutest thing EVER!

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Oh…and the drink.  It’s just green Hawaiian punch (but, you can also use kool-aid or any other colored drink) with two of those candy eyes just floating around!

What kind of Halloween ideas do you have?  How do YOU make Halloween fun and easy??