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MY “CountingToTen Moment” are those rare (or in my house, quite frequent) moments where someone (usually my kids or husband) does something SO outrageous that I have to STOP in my tracks….TAKE a deep breath….and COUNT TO TEN.   IF I don’t do that…I will probably start using my OUTSIDE voice in the house, children will be grounded, husbands will find their pillows on the couch…(you get it).

SO…my MOMENT for the day is:


The laundry….and the hamper.

WHY do we have a laundry hamper, if the clothes can’t even find their way into the hamper.  NOW…this is even MORE annoying because my teenage son’s bathroom is ALSO the guest bathroom downstairs.  (I know…now you don’t want to visit…huh?)

How can you encourage your teenage son to actually USE the hamper?  I have some thoughts:

  • attach magnets to all his clothes and an EVEN larger magnetic device in the bottom of the hamper.  THEN, when he throws clothes on the floor, they will be drawn into the hamper with no extra effort on his part.
  • take all his clothes and only leave him with one outfit which must promptly be put in the washer if he wishes to have clothes for the next day.
  • fine him for every piece of clothing that I have to pick up (although, that isn’t very realistic…he’s broke ALL the time)
  • take off his bedroom door for punishment and that alone will encourage him to follow my simple house rules (nope…his door is currently sitting in our living room…and he doesn’t seem to mind)
  • put MORE laundry hampers in his bathroom (even though one is currently in his room, his bathroom, and one on the washer)…he still can’t seem to make it into either basket.
  • paint the baskets a neon color (maybe he’s having trouble seeing the basket!

OH…how I’d LOVE to hear how you handle your teenager’s lack of cleanliness, organization, neatness!  I feel like I have told him for 17 years to pick up his clothes after he showers…and I’m STILL saying it.  I’m STILL reminding him to NOT put his wet towel on the bedroom floor…and we could walk into his room right now and find five towels on the floor.

serenity now….serenity now!