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You have LESS THAN TWO WEEKS before Christmas….are you ready??  Don’t worry, I’m not either.  But, I have an idea to share with you last minute gift getters!  All you need are a few photos from your smart phone, the FREE Walgreens App, and you’re done.   The Walgreens app makes it easy for you to convert your Facebook, Instagram, or camera roll photos into a unique gift for giving.

Here’s what the Walgreens app looks like:

#WalgreensApp #shop

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up…you’ll just click on “photo”.

#WalgreensApp #shop

And…this is what the photo screen looks like.  Here, you’ll be able to retrieve your photos from Photo, Facebook, and Instagram.  You’ll be able to create not only prints, but photocards, collage prints (8 x 10), posters and canvas prints!

Now..you can print and stop there.  Who wouldn’t want a poster or canvas print of your cute kids??

#WalgreensApp #shop

One great advantage of using the Walgreens App is that with just a few clicks from your couch…you can send your pictures directly to Walgreens and they are ready to pick up when you get there (in as early as one hour!)

#WalgreensApp #shop

Now…you have your cute collage from Walgreens.

Give it just like that, put it in a cute frame, or Let’s Get a Little Crafty!

Get artistic with acrylic prints from BumbleJax.

How about a cute Breakfast Tray??

#WalgreensApp #shop

While I was at Walgreens picking up my collage, I found this breakfast tray.

Add a little Modge Podge…and you have a custom breakfast tray for someone you want to give a unique and personal gift.

#WalgreensApp #shop

First…you’ll brush some Modge Podge on the BACK of the photo collage.  Then, stick it to the tray.

Then, you’ll brush it ALL OVER the front of the picture and tray.

Yes….be brave…I promise, it dries clear!

#WalgreensApp #shop

Let it dry about 15-20 mins and apply as many coats as you want.  (I did two).  But, the more coats, the more protected your photo will be.

#WalgreensApp #shop

How easy is that?? If you need more inspiration to get your project going, checking out the galleries on sites like https://www.secretasianman.com/best-canvas-prints/ really helped me out.

It’s SO easy that I’ve already ordered a few more collage prints to make a few for teacher gifts!

Who would YOU give a picture collage gift to??