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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

kim and kayne

Yes…you heard right.

ME…Kim and Kayne choose ME to help them raise their baby.

Now, I wouldn’t JUST be a nanny for them.  With their very busy schedules, they wanted to have their little one come and LIVE in our house.

And…then it gets CRAZY.  They didn’t have a baby girl…they confided in me that they actually had a baby BOY!  So, with my house full of boys, I suppose this little guy would fit right in.

He’s such a sweet little guy.  (I’m not at liberty to tell you his name yet) But, little peanut would just snuggle right up to me and rock all day in the rocking chair.

So stinkin’ sweet.


Then I woke up from my dream.

What in the He%% was I thinking??  How did Kim and Kayne sneak into my bedroom and find themselves amidst my dream world??

I have a few theories:

We’re a family that’s into sports.  From t-ball to video games…we’ve got it covered.  Even if the little guy wanted to take an underwater basket-weaving class, we’d be supportive and get him to class on time!



We ride motorcycles in our house TOO!  I know that Kim is generally riding on the back of Kayne’s…so, we’re fine sharing our motorcycle with their little guy when he’s old enough.



We know that Kayne is ALWAYS on stage and performing…and we would encourage that.  We are a family that actually sees shows quite often.  Here’s a snap shot at New Kids on The Block in Las Vegas (now…how cool are we??)

New Kids on The Block


We know that Kim and Kayne are used to the finer things…and my boys are certain that they’d share their Escalade with Kim and Kayne’s little guy.  (He’s small enough, I think he can squish in there just fine.)

cadillac escalade


We know that Kayne has tattoos…and we don’t mind them in our house.  Letting your kids show their individualism is supported in this house.



We’re a house that believes in getting the kids involved in chores and preparing them for their future.  (even at an early age)  Don’t worry Kim…you’ll never have to load another dish washer again!



AND…just in case the little guy inherited Kayne’s musical talents, that’s something that we’ll be able to foster in our house.  We have SO much musical talent to share with him.

cool tricks

See what I mean??

With a family like this….I guess I now realize why I WOULD have a dream like I did.

So, Kim…Kayne…If you need me, I’m here.