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ThisMamaMakesStuff  is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Along with being super crafty, she owns “This is Me” a kid’s first keepsake journal.  She has an AWESOME sale going on right now….(well, until July 31st).  Check it out!

Summer is the perfect time to help your children learn to journal using This is Me – a kid’s first keepsake journal as seen on Design Mom, Cool Mom Picks & Smiling Green Mom. Full of creative writing and drawing prompts & designed to record the memories of one year of a child’s life,  it’s perfect for kids as young as 3 (with a parents help) and kids as old as 9.

And with this deal, you might want to pick up a few extra for all of next year’s birthday parties because it makes a gift both child and mother will love for years to come.

BUY HERE and insert code: summerfun at checkout for 50% off your order (does not include shipping)

***NOTE: The shipping costs for 4 or more books is $11 (up to 15). Right now, the shipping is not calculating right on the site.  Please place your order, and the shipping over charge will be refunded back to you.