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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.


I haven’t shared a COUNTING To TEN moment of the day with you in a while.

These would be moments during my day when SOMEONE has annoyed me beyond belief and I DID or WANTED to use my outside voice inside.

Today, it was Joe (my darling hubby).  Now, this could just be me PMSing (as Joe would tell you)…but, you be the judge.  There are MULTIPLE moments he infuriated me today:

  • He ate the last blueberry bagel.

Seriously, he did.  Here’s the thing, they were mine.  I bought them, the cream cheese.  He’s SUPPOSE to be on a diet.  He didn’t even say, “hey Kat, there’s only one bagel left, do you care if I eat it or do you want to split it?”  NOTHING.  He just ate it.  Which brings me to annoying moment number 2:

  • He dipped the LAST blueberry bagel in the cream cheese container.

Who does that??  Don’t most people use a knife and spread it on the bagel?  This isn’t chips and salsa!!

  • I was sad about no bagel, so…I go into the panty  PANTRY to make some hot chocolate…ONLY to see that THERE WASN’T any left.

WHY??  Because, after questioning the bagel eater, he confessed to using the last of the packets with marshmallows.  Which, in our house, means that he used the remaining packets of the other box BEFORE he finished this off.  Now…I’m just really annoyed.  He ate the last bagel AND used the last hot chocolate.  Not only can I not have any…but, when grocery shopping, how would I know that we needed those items if HE didn’t tell me??

  • I went into the laundry room to find clothes taken out of the dryer and put ON TOP of the dryer.

That may sound innocent enough…but, what if your dryer had JUST enough dryer lint on it to get on the clean clothes that bagel stealing, hot chocolate hogging husband put on the dryer…  NOW, the clothes are NOT clean.    Which will bring me to my last infraction of the day.

  • He put those clothes ON the dryer, so that he could put his suit pants and a dress shirt in the dryer.

Why?  We have an iron AND a steamer.  Call me crazy, but I just think that the suits will last longer if they are NOT tumbled multiple times during the week on hot.


I decided to let him go on to bed by himself.  How could I even THINK about going up with him and giving him any loving???  I’m starving…no bagel, no hot chocolate….and I have dryer lint on the load of laundry I did today.

This is the week before my period.


**Thanks LISA for pointing out that HILARIOUS typo!!