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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

I’m a Little TeaPot is the song…I’m personally not a little teapot, I’m more of a robust dutchoven I suppose.

My husband does NOT check this blog for quality assurance, therefore I am posting this video withOUT his knowledge.   (ok…he knows now)

He recently recorded himself singing “I’m a little teapot” and sent it to a friend as a joke.  The joke being, this would be his audition song.

Well…it’s KIND OF AWESOME I think.

What did you think??

I’ll see if I can get him to sing it again without all the background road noise (preferably in the house where you’ll only hear our children screaming in the background).

We will now sit back and wait for The Voice to call….(or X Factor, America’s Got Talent, or Idol to raise the age restrictions)

(good thing our number isn’t private)!