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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

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And thank goodness!  Even though I go to the gym EVERY morning at 6am…NOTHING works out your body like dancing!  As I’ve been buying SO much food this week and TRYING too much of what I’m cooking for Thanksgiving, this game was a lovely little surprise.  The boys and I tried it out this week…and had TOO much fun.


My tip for working off those Thanksgiving Day calories:


Grab your friends or family…and dance off!  How better to reward yourself with an extra slice of pumpkin pie…than to know that you’re burning off the calories and having fun while doing it!  There are SO many reasons to make Just Dance part of your holiday get together:

  •  Your kids will think you are the COOLEST person on the face of this Earth
  • You really will burn a tremendous amount of calories
  • You will learn some fancy new dance moves
  • You will hear all your favorite songs from the radio
  • and…it’s edited (I noticed a few songs that had naughty words in them, and they are cleverly taken out
  • and…most important…Gangnam Style is available for download now!


I mean…how could you resist seeing dance moves like this??


This game is made for all ages…from the youngest kiddo that bobs his head to grandma and grandpa (yes…they can get their groove on too!)  So, gather everyone after lunch or dinner….and get your groove on!

Do you know where you can get Just Dance 4?  Of course I’ll tell you…


Just Dance 4 at Amazon or you can find it at  


Just Dance 4 is available on SO many platforms:  Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360

If you can’t tell from the pics above how fun this game can be…how about a little video?



NOW…I DO have a video of ME doing this same dance.  I will release it by popular demand ONLY.  (so, you have to request it in the comments)

I hope everyone has a great holiday!