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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a project for Eli’s “Western Themed” bedroom.

Let’s start at the beginning. Here’s a reminder of his bedroom now:

"before new lighting"


Yes…he SHOULD be keeping that room MORE clean, but he knows that I’ll swoop in behind him and take care of it (I’m such a pushover!)

We’ve already made DropCloth Curtains and a Trashcan Toychute….what does the room need now? LIGHTING!

I had a GENIUS idea! Taking a few items that we ALREADY had in the house and a little shopping trip, I’ll show you how to transform a room!

First, we (Isaac and I) ventured out to Walmart to grab a few items. One of those items were light bulbs. I thought we’d be in and out of there SO fast…until I got to the light bulb aisle. HOLY COW…there are SO many bulbs to choose from. I had to look at every package to make sure that I got the right bulb for our space.

Ok…so Isaac is ready to go already. BUT, I’m reading labels!

I couldn’t believe my eyes…this bulb lasts 6 years! what??!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve shopped for light bulbs, but I had NO idea! First, I had no idea that they made the spirally bulbs look like normal bulbs (I love that)…then, I can’t even imagine that an 11 watt bulb can produce enough light to even see! But, it says right on the package that it replaces a 40 watt “old school” bulb.

This bulb also caught my eye! I see the image on the right of the package showing the difference in lighting with this bulb…AMAZING! On the left corner of the package, it says that I’ll save $1.85 annually on replacing just THIS ONE BULB! I feel so dumb. Always cutting coupons and saving where I could, not even considering replacing light bulbs!

With a little data, you can find out how much money YOU could save by replacing your bulbs HERE. I calculated my savings to be $262.50 annually and $1,626.40 over the life of the bulbs! I’m going to start changing out ALL my bulbs! If you can’t afford to change them all at once…take it slow and do one room at a time and you’ll have them all replaced before you know it!

OK…now that I’ve picked out my bulbs and am TOTALLY excited about saving a little money, it’s time to show you what we’re making for the western themed bedroom….

drumroll please….

A Coat Rack Lamp!

What you’ll need for this project is the following:

Coat Rack

Tall Floor lamp

(I already had these in my house…but, these are SO EASY to find in thrift stores!)

You’ll also need a few light bulbs (don’t forget to get the reveal or energy smart GE bulbs to save on your future electricity bills!)

This step is optional…but, I wrapped my coat rack with twine (it was $1.30 for a huge spool). I just wanted to give it a rustic look. You could also paint it or wrap fabric around it.

Then, all you do is take out the “light” component from your floor lamp and thread it into the long portion of your coat rack.

That’s it!

By using the coat rack as a lamp…you’re saving space and doing double duty! I had a few cowboy hats in the house, so I just hot glued it into place (so as NOT to touch the bulb). The hat gives the rack a finishing touch and helps disperse the light. I LOVE IT!

This added light in the room makes it SO much more functional. Eli can now sit in is green rocking chair and read a book, see all his toys in the room (even on a cloudy day)…and keep his room a little more tidy by hanging a few items on the hooks!

I even added the new bulbs to the small desk lamp. This will HOPEFULLY inspire Eli to do homework at his desk and help him to see things a little more clearly. We’re on our way to a Western Themed Bedroom (by the time I’m finished, he’ll be a teenager and need something else!)

If you’d like to see our shopping adventures looking for light bulbs, just click HERE.

Let me know what you think about this coat rack lamp!!

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