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Come on….tell the truth.  Is this what your kitchen sink looks like??


As I’m always trying to save money where I can, my BFF over at TheDealFanatic and I started talking about what cleaning products we make to save money.  Not ONLY can making your own cleaning products save you money, but they are usually safer for the environment (and your little ones that still lick the floor  ie, my Isaac).

Did you know that you can make Dishwasher Detergent?  Seriously, you can.

Head on over to TheDealFanatic and see how she makes it!  Then, get those dishes loaded in the dishwasher and smile…because you made it yourself and saved a TON!

We’re making MORE homemade products in the upcoming weeks…

  • Laundry Detergent, Kitchen Surface Disinfectant
  • Glass & wood surface cleaners
  • Detail cleaning your home
Can’t wait to show you MORE ways to save money and save the Earth!