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Hell hath no fury

“HELL!”….that’s the extent of my potty mouth vocabulary.

But…that’s the word I feel like yelling…like shaking someone and screaming it in their face.

 What the HELL is wrong with you??

I haven’t written in a while…because we’ve been busy.

A good busy.

Life with a husband that travels all week, a 19 year old that moved BACK home, a genius 11 year old, and a super special needs 6 year old will do that to a girl.

In jest, a few weeks ago….I wrote on my Face book wall, ”

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.22.07 PM

Never in my WILDEST dreams did I really think that was the case…

I have NEVER had to fight with anyone about Isaac (except the insurance company).  Our school IEP’s every year have been easy.  I listen to the teachers and their suggestions…and agree.  We’ve all wanted what was best for Isaac.  THEN….this year’s IEP meeting was a little NOT as I had planned.

When did the role of educators become those that DID NOT want to educate?

When did the professional opinion of five different therapists NOT make a difference in YOUR opinion?

When did the special education department decide that only looking at a child for a few minutes would give you the best picture of how they function in class and life?

When did a mother’s opinion NOT matter?

When did you EVER come across a mother who doesn’t work so that she can take her son to individualized therapies SIX extra hours every week (outside of those received at school)?

When did you EVER have to sit beside a hospital bed for months at time….just willing and praying for your child to survive?

When did you EVER prove the doctors wrong year after year…and celebrate yet another birthday?

When did you EVER fight for another person as MUCH as I’m willing to fight you NOW?

NEVER…you will NEVER know that life we’ve lead…

the fights we’ve endured…

the blessings we’ve received…

and the love that we’ve felt.

You only see a boy whose potential is limited….

who’s wings won’t expand to let him fly…

and you are SO WRONG.


I will show you how much I will fight….

how my sword will shine, my shield will deflect, and my army will rally.

You will be defeated.

You will look at my son with a different set of eyes…

You WILL see his potential….

You WILL want the most for his future…

or else.


Yes indeed.  You have been warned.  If you’re in the special education department and you don’t want the best for our special needs kiddos…..

it’s time to open your eyes…

or get a new job.

Educators in all fields should WANT to educate.

They should want each and every child to learn as much as they can.

Every child doesn’t learn the same…and adaptations should be made….

and be made with a kind heart…

and with the individual student in mind. (not the cost of or inconvenience to teach them)

Since WHEN did we have to fight for an education for our children?

Maybe we always have, and I just didn’t notice until I had to with Isaac.

Hell hath no fury

and…just for the record…

Here are the current stats for Isaac, the boy who doesn’t need an aide in school:

  • Non-verbal 7 year old (in 3 weeks!)
  • can’t sign or use assistive technology for communication
  • not potty trained
  • eats his shirt and wears it wet all day unless teacher has time to change him
  • eats his hands all day until they are raw and start bleeding
  • has no concept of danger (will wonder off, touch hot things, stand on tables)
  • severely autistic (says a very expensive test by a behavior therapist)
  • tries to pull out his mickey button daily
  • can’t feed himself
  • can’t drink by mouth
  • doesn’t complain (if he’s hurt, or gets hurt by others)
  • he has a broken heart (he’s had 2 open heart surgeries, 13 heart caths, and his heart beats way too fast)
  • he wears leg braces (he can walk, but like a 9  month old, very wobbly)
  • he can’t blow his nose (it has to be suctioned like a baby)
  • he has to be “prompted” to do everything (take a bite, chew your food, look over here, hold this, touch this)

Why don’t I have him in an institution?

Isaac, special needs

Because he’s smart….he’s so very smart.  His memory is remarkable, he can work an iphone and ipad like no one.  There’s recently been a shift in him…where it’s like his “light has been turned on”.  There’s so much this little guy can do….

so much…

and I will fight with all my motherly might to make sure he gets that chance.


Ok…end of the rant for today.

I’d love all feedback.

Am I asking for too much?

All my friend teachers…if YOU had Isaac in your class, wouldn’t YOU want an extra pair of hands on board to help?

(Just for the record…our teacher, principal, and assistants are awesome.  It appears they aren’t the decision makers in this matter.  IF your child needs a personal aide (paraprofessional)….someone who does NOT know your child decides).