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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

Do you have a competitive nature?  Do you need to WIN at all costs?

I don’t…not one single competitive bone in my body.  However, my husband is quite opposite.  He’ll race you with a broken leg, bowl with his left hand because his right hand is broken (and still beat you), and stay in the basketball game with a torn bicep.  Yep…that’s my guy.

My boys…they’re a good mix of the two of us.  Take the recent Pinewood Derby for instance.

Eli was sitting in church a few weeks ago.  With pen and paper in hand….he was drawing his ideas for his car.  Eli and his dad spent the entire sacrament meeting perfecting the look.  McDonald’s French Fries.  Yes, that is correct…he wanted his car to look like McDonald’s French Fries.

With a few cuts, hours of sanding and painting….we glued on an empty french fry container and added straws for our “fries”.  This car was complete!

Now…with Joe’s discerning eye, he asked Eli, “are you sure you don’t want to win this year?  Can we take the straws out when you get ready to race?”

Eli’s response was just matter-of-fact, “no dad.  I want to keep the fries.   It’s ok if I don’t win, I just want the car to look cool!”

and with that direction….we headed out to church for the Pinewood Derby race.

Eli brought a friend with him….and they were most excited about the popcorn and cookies available between races than the actual races.   Every time Eli’s name was called, I’d hold his cookie and he’d go and place his car on the track.

and win.

every single race…he’d win.


This car has STRAWS sticking out of it!  AND….it’s winning!

Eli’s just a little annoyed that he keeps racing and has to keep going up to race again and can’t finish his cookie….

Joe is SO excited now that Eli’s beating the dad that’s sitting in front of us! (seriously)

In the end….Eli was the champion.

Joe took the champion, his friend, and the 2nd place winner out for ice cream after the big race.

When Eli finally came home…he said, “This was the best day EVER!  I got straight A’s on my report card and had the coolest pinewood derby car!  Oh yeah, and I got first place”.

Having a competitive nature isn’t a bad thing….but, having the nonchalant attitude about winning is something awesome!  Winning when your heart is content on 5th place is a winning attitude to have.