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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

We just LOVE LOVE LOVE basketball in our house…and the Harlem Globetrotters are one of most favorite events to attend!

If you’re looking for an AWESOME family event that the ENTIRE family will enjoy…you’ve found it!  Tickets are now available for the Harlem Globetrotters brand new “You Write the Rules” tour.

Your family’s smiles will start before you even get to the game as the Globetrotters take kid participation to a whole NEW level.  Your family can vote at and decide rules for the game that could affect the final outcome.  With rules like double the points for every basket, and two balls in play at the same time, there’s an exciting rule that every kid will enjoy.  After the game, Globetrotter stars will stay on court to sign autographs and take photographs with your kids.


The ONLY thing better than finding an awesome event for the whole family, is getting  a great deal on it.  (right?!)  Use promo code  ”USFAMILY” when you buy tickets for your family to save $7.00 on EACH ticket purchased  Get ready to experience the show your family will remember for a lifetime!

You can get your tickets here and don’t forget to use the promo code USFAMILY to save $7 on every ticket!

*Discounts available on select seating levels.

Click HERE to see when they will be coming to YOUR city!  (They’ll be in Reno, NV on Jan. 15th…see you there!)