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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

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Eli’s getting an EARLY Christmas with Ubisoft sending us Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth to try out on our XBOX 360 Kinect.


As a mom, and old lady at that (you know…nearing 40), my first thought when I saw this case was, “HEY…I know these guys!).  With a house full of boys…how can you not!  As soon as they saw it, the package was ripped open and the living room was turned into a sanctioned battleground for all Marvel heros.

At first…it was Eli.  He needed to start the game and check out how it worked.

and it didn’t take long before he someone to battle.  Chris took the camera to catch all the action while Eli tried to attack me! (ok, he was Thor and I was Iron Man)

The whole premise behind the game is that the Skrulls have landed and now it is up to you to embody your favorite Marvel super hero and defeat the enemies during the Secret Invasion.

Here’s what you’re going to LOVE about the game:

  • It’s played with the Kinect–that means you’re jumping, kicking, and punching!
  • You get to choose from 20 classic Marvel characters
  • There are different game modes you can play in:  Campaign, Arcade, Co-op, Challenges, Tournament, and Versus
  • It’s great for ALL ages…you just have to be able to get up and move!
  • Your kids will think you’re SO cool for playing with them!!!!

The thing that my son loved MOST about this game was the Kinect listening and responding to his voice.

The only downside I found while playing this game was wanting to turn to the side and kick my son.  NOW…you know I love him, but we’re in battle!  When he was kicking my butt on the screen…I just wanted to turn around and kick him to get off me!

This game is rated T for Fantasy violence and mild suggestive themes.  As a mom who strictly enforces the rating system…this game was a perfect fit for our family.  I think even a 5 year old would have fun….he just want want to kick and punch everything for the remainder of the day!  (just glad we had no language issues with this game!)

Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth will make a GREAT addition to your Xbox library of games!  Lucky for you that you have time to snag a copy, wrap it, and get it under the tree for the holidays.


You can find it at Toys R Us or at  Amazon.


Happy Shopping!!!